Oplax Oy, the pallet company belonging to Ruukki Group's sawmilling business    
segment, has made significant long-term pallet delivery agreements with Stora   
Enso. Oplax will deliver a total of 6,500,000 wooden pallets to the Oulu and    
Kemi factories of Stora Enso during 2008 - 2011.                                

Oplax Oy manufactures wooden pallets and provides logistical services for paper 
industry in Kemi and Oulu, as well as for steel industry in Tornio. The         
operations are developed in close co-operation with customers with the aim of   
gaining strategic partnerships.                                                 

For additional information, please contact:                                     

Sakari Kiviniemi                                                                
Managing Director                                                               
Oplax Oy                                                                        
Telephone +358 400 218 775                                                      

Esa Hukkanen                                                                    
Development Director                                                            
Ruukki Group Plc                                                                
Telephone +358 10 440 7005