Lemminkäinen Corporation                                                        
19 December 2007                                                                
Stock Exchange Bulletin                                                         

By its decision issued today, the Market Court has ordered seven asphalt        
industry companies to pay a total of EUR 19.4 million in competition            
infringement fines for circumventing competition laws.                          

The infringement fine imposed on Lemminkäinen is EUR 14 million. The amount     
proposed by the Finnish Competition Authority was EUR 68 million.               

Lemminkäinen will examine the decision and announce its position in a stock     
exchange bulletin to be issued at 3:00 p.m. this afternoon. Any requests for    
additional information will be addressed after the announcement.                

The Market Court is the court of first instance to hear the case. All parties   
are entitled to appeal the decision to the Supreme Administrative Court.        
Irrespective of any appeal, the competition infringement fine imposed on        
Lemminkäinen by the Market Court will be recognised as expenditure in the fourth
quarter of the current year. Even so, Lemminkäinen's profit for 2007 will exceed
its earnings in 2006.                                                           

Lemminkäinen Corporation                                                        

Juhani Sormaala                                                                 
Managing Director   
Helsinki Stock Exchange                                                         
Key media                                                                       

Lemminkäinen Group operates in all areas of the construction sector. Its main   
business areas are building construction, infrastructure construction, technical
building services and building products. Net sales in 2006 were EUR 1,795.9     
million, of which international operations accounted for about a third. The     
Group employs some 9,000 people. Lemminkäinen's main market area is the Baltic  
rim region, where the Group has established a presence by setting up local      
subsidiaries, but it also serves customers all over the world in specialised    
areas of construction. Lemminkäinen´s share is listed on Helsinki Stock