Ramirent strengthens its position in Sweden                                     

Ramirent AB, the Swedish wholly-owned subsidiary of Ramirent Plc, has acquired  
the rental equipment company Hyresmaskiner i Stockholm AB, which operates under 
the brand name ‘Tidermans'. The company's sales amount to about EUR 10 million  
annually and it strengthens Ramirent's presence in the area of Stockholm and    
Uppsala in Sweden.                                                              
Founded in 1993, Tidermans rents out machinery and equipment for the            
construction industry in Stockholm, Uppsala and the nearby area. The customers  
are primarily local construction and infrastructure companies as well as        
municipal facilities. The company has 29 employees.                             

Tidermans brings valuable knowledge of the local market and has a geographical  
presence which complements Ramirent's existing network. The companies enjoy     
complementary product ranges and can benefit from synergies in sourcing and     
efficient use of assets.                                                        

“It is with great pleasure that I welcome Tidermans into the Ramirent family.   
This acquisition brings us closer to our customers and is in line with          
Ramirent's strategy of growing in select markets through a combination of       
organic growth and acquisitions of small and midsize operations,” says Mikael   
Öberg, managing director, Ramirent AB.                                          

“For us, this is a natural next step in Tidermans development. In Ramirent we   
have found a professional and strong owner with company values similar to ours. 
I look forward to contributing to the future development of the Ramirent Group”,
says Börje Toresson, managing director of Hyresmaskiner I Stockholm AB.         

The acquisition expands Ramirent's presence in Sweden with 4 new outlets, now   
totalling 53. Hyresmaskiner i Stockholm AB will be consolidated as of January   
Further information can be obtained from:                                       
Mr. Kari Kallio, President and CEO, Ramirent Plc, phone +358-40 716 1832        
Mr. Mikael Öberg, Managing Director, Ramirent AB, phone +46-31 57 84 30         

Ramirent is the leading machinery rental company in the Nordic countries, and in
Central and Eastern Europe. The Group has some 300 permanent outlets in twelve  
countries and is registered in Helsinki. Ramirent employs over 3,500 people and 
in 2006 the consolidated net sales were 498 million. Ramirent is listed on the  
OMX Nordic Exchange Helsinki. For further information, please visit             


OMX Nordic Exchange Helsinki                                                    
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