The Power Situation in Norway as of 28 February 2007

| Source: Nasdaq Commodities
Lysaker, 28 February 2007  

Nord Pool has received the following information from the Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate (NVE):     

Inflow below normal  
 In week 8, inflow to the Norwegian reservoirs was 0.5 TWh, which is about 90 percent of normal. Weekly inflow has not been less than normal since week 43, 2006. Total inflow between week 43, 2006 and week 8, 2007 is 32 TWh. Normal inflow in the same period is 18 TWh.
 Nordic consumption of electricity increased by 5 percent between weeks 7 and 8. This was mainly due to colder weather. Higher consumption of electricity was covered by increased production in all the Nordic countries, and by a rise in Nordic imports.  

Norwegian reservoir level at the end of week 8 was 49.3 percent, down 3.3 percentage points from the week before. Normally the reservoir level drops 2.5 percentage points from week 7 to 8. 


Contact person at the Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate: 

Marit L. Fossdal, NVE, phone: +47 2295 9353

Tor Arnt Johnsen, NVE, phone: +47 9302 4238

Nils Spjeldnæs, NVE, phone: +47 2295 9274