New Roundlots for Shares and Investment Certificates 27 December 2007

| Source: Nasdaq Copenhagen A/S
Exchange Notice OMX Nordic Exchange, Copenhagen                                 
21 December 2007.                                                               

New round lots for shares and investment certificates                           
OMX Nordic Exchange, Copenhagen will adjust round lots for 59 Shares and 40     
Investment certificates. In addition, round lots for 9 Shares on First North    
will be adjusted. The new round lots will take effect 27 December 2007.         

The changes are due to OMX Nordic Exchange Copenhagen´s biannual review of round
lots on the basis of price movements.                                           

A round lot is the minimum number of shares/certificates which constitutes an   
order. A round lot order can help create the so-called spread in the trading    
system and set a price. OMX Nordic Exchange, Copenhagen aims at a round lot     
corresponding to approx. DKK 20,000 for OMXC20 shares and approx. DKK 10,000 for
other shares and investment certificates. On the regulated marketplace, First   
North, a round lot is approx. DKK 5,000.                                        

Please notice all orders in the implicated orderbooks will be deleted (flushed) 
before the market opens in the morning of 27 December.                          

A list of the new round lots for the shares and investment certificates in      
question is attached to this exchange notice. An updated list of all round lots 
for shares and investment certificates will be available on the OMX Nordic      
Exchange website,  from the morning of  
27 December 2007.                                                               

For more information, please contact:                                           
Allan Hvalsøe Olsen, OMX Nordic Exchange, Copenhagen					                       
+45 33 77 03 83                                                                 

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