According to legislation, all publicly listed companies must - if during a
month there is a change in the number of shares - publish the total number of
shares in the company on the last day of trading in the month the change was

On 10 December 2007, East Capital Explorer announced that the Board of
Directors had resolved to issue 2,474,810 new shares following the Bookrunners'
decision to exercise their over-allotment option to purchase additional shares
relating to the initial public offering on OMX Nordic Exchange. 

The number of shares in East Capital Explorer thereby amounts to 36,270,160 as
of 31 December 2007.

Contact information:
Louise Hedberg, Head of Communications/IR East Capital Explorer +46 8 505 977 20

About East Capital Explorer │ East Capital Explorer AB is a Swedish company,
created with the specific aim of bringing unique investment opportunities in
Eastern Europe to a broader investor base. The company invests mainly in East
Capital's private equity and semi-public equity funds that provide exposure to
companies not otherwise accessible via the local stock exchanges in Eastern
Europe. East Capital Explorer targets fast growing sectors such as the power
utilities, financial, retail and consumer goods and real estate sectors. East
Capital Explorer has appointed East Capital to manage its investment
activities. Since November 9, 2007, East Capital Explorer is listed on the OMX
Nordic Exchange Stockholm, mid-cap segment. 

This information is disclosed in accordance with the Securities Markets Act,
the Financial Instruments Trading Act or demands made in the exchange rules.