LAS VEGAS, Jan. 7, 2008 (PRIME NEWSWIRE) -- INTERNATIONAL CES 2008 -- Quartics, a provider of video processing solutions enabling streaming media over wireless and wired networks, today announced the integration of its PC2TV(tm) technology in the D-Link(r) PC-on-TV player. Quartics' PC2TV technology enables consumers to wirelessly send high-definition content from a PC to a TV in any format without buffering.

The D-Link PC-on-TV player, part of their Media Lounge family of media players, provides easy access to online and PC content on TVs, projectors and other displays. Consumers will be able to enjoy any content available on their PC. Anything from a mobile phone downloaded video transferred to a PC or a PowerPoint presentation from work can be displayed without additional software on a TV.

"High-definition content on-demand and on a flexible platform has become the holy grail for consumer electronics," said Safi Qureshey, Chairman and CEO of Quartics. "Our partnership with D-Link to embed our PC2TV technology into their PC-on-TV player is one step towards reaching this goal; consumers can now view whatever content they want from their PC or the Internet on their favorite display: their television."

Quartics' PC2TV technology delivers high-definition photos and 30fps video and is compatible with all media file formats, eliminating the need for consumers to download additional codecs or choose programs and applications based on compatibility.

"The ability to watch virtually anything on your TV from your PC is enormously powerful," said AJ Wang, CTO, D-Link. "With our PC-on-TV player, consumers have an entertainment option to enjoy an unlimited amount of content to their TV, giving families an easier way to watch home videos or photos without crowding around a small computer screen."

The D-Link PC-on-TV player has a remote control and programmable buttons for favorite websites and applications. It also includes an 802.11g radio to wirelessly connect to a TV.

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About Quartics

Quartics enables open content mobility across PC, TV and mobile device screens. With PC-to-TV technology, you can "screen-shift" from the Internet or your PC on to your TV, projector or display in HD or any format (e.g., Flash, QuickTime, MPEGx, WMx, DivX, RM, AVI, and HTML). You can also access content wirelessly and manage it via remote control with Quartics' PC2TV technology and Blink media browser. Quartics semiconductors and software solutions enable the flawless transmission and media processing of video for devices including PC-to-TV, wireless monitors, PC tuner cards, docking stations, wireless projectors, HD-networked PVRs, and video conferencing. The company provides OEMs and ODMs with complete, low-cost, easy-to-use system solutions that they can quickly take to market, including systems on chips (SOCs), software, modules, and reference designs. Quartics has been recognized as a Red Herring 100 Global Finalist and an Innovation All-Star by the California Innovation Corridor for its breakthrough technologies. Please visit for more information.

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