IXONOS PLC	STOCK EXCHANGE RELEASE 7 FEBRUARY 2008                              


Starting from the first interim report in 2008, Ixonos Plc will report its      
consolidated business operations as two segments: Consulting Services and       
Software Production Services. The new segments are based on the company's       
service products, and they illustrate more accurately the character of the      
company's business operations and the efforts made to develop them.             

The Consulting Services comprise Technology Consulting, User Interface and      
Usability Design, as well as Project Management Services. The Software          
Production Services comprise Software Project Deliveries with total             
responsibility, Testing and Quality Assurance Services, as well as Maintenance  
Services for software and information systems.                                  

The renewal of the segment reporting is connected to the reorganization that is 
presently being implemented. The aim of new organization is to boost business   
growth, efficiency and profitability, internationalization, as well as the      
personnel's competence development and welfare at work.                         

”As the Group grows strongly, we are entering a new growth phase where the most 
significant challenges are developing new strategic customer relations and      
broadening the clientele, internationalizing operations, as well as promoting   
the competence and career development of our personnel. We should take on these 
challenges without compromising good profitability,” says President and CEO Kari

”We believe that the reshaping of the organization promotes our expanded service
offering and the utilization of our personnel's skills in our customers'        
business critical software and systems projects, helping us to implement our    
vision and strategy,” Happonen continues.                                       

In the new Ixonos organization the operational functions are divided into       
Business Operations and Service Production and the supporting financial         
administration and communication services. Business Operations is responsible   
for the sales of the Group's services, for the management and development of    
customer relations, as well as for the management of customer-specific services.
The business operations are divided into three units: Mobile Terminals and      
Software, Operators and ICT, as well as Industry and Services.                  

Service Production is divided into Regional Units, two Service Product Units, as
well as support functions. The Regional Units are responsible for customer      
project resourcing, as well as producing services in cooperation with the       
Business Units. The Service Product Units are responsible for developing and    
productizing services, and for developing and harmonizing processes and methods 
related to service production.                                                  

Kari Liuska has been appointed Vice President and Director of Business          
Operations. Tomi Kyllönen has been appointed Director of Mobile Terminals and   
SW, Timo Kaisla has been appointed Director of Operators and ICT, and Timo      
Aittoniemi has been appointed Director of Industry and Services.                

Asko Vainionpää has been appointed Vice President and Director of Service       
Production. Jorma Hanhimäki has been appointed Director of Line Management      
responsible for Regional Units. Panu Kause has been appointed Director of       
Consulting Services, and Jarmo Erikäinen has been appointed Director of Software
Production Services.                                                            

Ixonos will publish comparison figures for the new segments for the financial   
period of 2007 around mid-April, before the first-quarter interim report that   
will be published on 29 April. The company's financial statements for the year  
2007 will be published on 13 February.                                          

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