DSV Road Holding Ltd. ("DSV") acquires Roadferry Ltd ("Roadferry")

Today DSV Road Holding Ltd. (a part of the British DSV Group) and Roadferry
Holdings Ltd. (a part of the Peel Ports Group) signed an agreement on DSV's
acquisition of all the shares in the company Roadferry, which has the two
wholly-owned subsidiaries Roadferry Transport Ltd. and Roadferry Transport
(Ireland) Ltd. Two thirds of the company's activities are located in Great
Britain and one third in Ireland. 

This acquisition enables DSV to become a market leader in the important market
between Great Britain and Ireland, thereby strengthening the existing Road
Division in both Great Britain and Ireland. Moreover the business area of the
Division within pallet distribution services in Great Britain and Ireland is
extended through Roadferry's involvement in Palletline, the leading British
pallet consortium. The realised/expected 2007/08 annual revenue of Roadferry is
GBP 48 million and the EBITA is GBP 0.8 million. The financial year of
Roadferry ends on 31 March. 

The acquisition has been executed with effect as from today, and DSV will
consolidate the companies as of today. The acquisition is not subject to
approval by any authorities or the like. 

DSV intends to integrate the companies in its Road Division. Group Management
expects this integration to create operational as well as administrative
synergies. The synergies are expected to be fully implemented within a two-year
period. Following that period, the enterprises are expected to achieve an EBITA
margin on a level with the rest of the DSV Road Division. 

The parties have agreed not to publish the acquisition price. 

Any questions may be addressed to Kurt K. Larsen, CEO, tel. +45 43 20 30 40, or
Jens H. Lund, CFO, tel. +45 43 20 30 40. 

Yours faithfully

 Kurt K. Larsen 		Jens H. Lund