Due to a technical error the ISIN code for Nobel Biocare Holding AG has not been changed in the SAXESS trading system. Therefore the old ISIN code is still active in the trading system and will be for the remainder of the trading day today, Thursday April 3, 2008. 
     The new ISIN code will be implemented in the trading system as from tomorrow, Friday April 4, 2008.

     Trades done today, Thursday April 3, 2008, must be manually settled so that the delivery of shares in the VPC-system on April 8, 2008 will be a delivery of the new shares with the new ISIN code (CH0037851646). 

Company:	Nobel Biocare Holding AB
Terms for split:	Split in relation 5:1. Each share in Nobel Biocare Holding AG will be divided into five (5) new shares
Short name:	NOBE
New round lot (Old round lot):	25 (10)
New ISIN code (Old ISIN code):	CH0037851646 (CH0014030040)
Orderbook ID:	19175