MUNICH, Germany, April 3, 2008 (PRIME NEWSWIRE) -- Protea Biosciences, Inc., a leader in the development of new protein processing technology, has launched a new family of protein preparation products that provide both improved sample flow rates and increased binding capacities. The company announced its new product line today at the Analytica Exhibition currently underway in Munich, Germany.

Known as "LithTips(tm)," the products employ a proprietary monolithic chromatographic chemistry that is highly-porous, resulting in higher flow rates and increased resistance to clogging, as well as greater surface area, providing better sample loading capacities.

"Protea's LithTips are for researchers who need a fast and simple method to help prepare a wide variety of samples, including peptides, proteins, and other biological molecules. By incorporating monolithic chromatography chemistries in the tip, LithTips are the next evolution of functionalized pipette tips," stated Matthew Powell, Ph.D., Protea's Director of Research and Development. "LithTips offer the researcher a superior option for simple, efficient, and reproducible sample preparation."

Protea's first offering of LithTips include C4, C8, and C18 reversed-phase chemistries that permit improved sample concentration, desalting, and purification, when compared to traditional bead-packed tips. Optimized reagents are provided along with the LithTips for improved convenience and reproducibility.

Protea maintains a state-of-the-art mass spectrometry facility, featuring BIOiTRAQ MALDI TOF/TOF, and linear trapping quadrupole (LTQ) mass spectrometers, with the mission to generate the very best Mass Spec data from a researcher's valuable protein samples, either in their laboratory or company's.

Protea Biosciences, Inc. ( develops new products and services that streamline and improve protein sample preparation and analysis, for pharmaceutical, biotechnology and academic research laboratories.

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