Report on ordinary general meeting held in NeuroSearch A/S

| Source: Neurosearch A/S
Pursuant to announcement, the ordinary general meeting of NeuroSearch A/S was
held today, Wednesday 30 April 2008. 

The chairman of the board of directors presented the oral report. The annual
report 2008 and the board of directors' proposal to carry the 2007 result
forward to next year were adopted by the shareholders. 

CEO Asger Aamund, Attorney-At-Law Marianne Philip and Jørgen Buus Lassen
resigned from the board of directors. 

Dr. Anders Ullman and Dr. Gerard Van Odijk were elected as new members of the
board of directors. The appointment of both takes effect immediately. 

The new board of directors now consists of the following members: 

President & CEO Thomas Hofman-Bang (chairman)
CEO Allan Andersen
President & CEO Torbjörn Bjerke 
EVP Anders Ullman
Group V.P., President & CEO Gerard van Odijk
Lars Siim Madsen (elected by the employees)
Torben Skov (elected by the employees)
Mads Peder Gersdorff Korsgaard (elected by the employees) 

PricewaterhouseCoopers was re-elected as NeuroSearch's sole auditor.

The board of directors was given authorisation by the shareholders until the
next general meeting to acquire own shares of a total sum of up to 10 per cent
of the company's share capital. 

The guidelines presented by the board of directors for incentive payments to
the board of directors and the executive management, pursuant to Section 69b of
the Danish Companies, paragraph 2, were adopted by the shareholders. 

The following amendments to the Articles of Association were agreed upon by the
shareholders with more than two third majority but could not be finally adopted
as less than half of the share capital was represented at the ordinary general
meeting: article 5 regarding an authorisation to the board of directors to
increase the company's share capital and article 5a regarding an authorisation
to the board of directors to issue warrants. 

An extraordinary general meeting will therefore be held on 23 May 2008 at 11 am
where the same amendments to the Articles of Association will be presented for

Thomas Hofman-Bang 
Chairman of the board of directors

Contact persons:
Flemming Pedersen, CEO, telephone: +45 2148 0118
Hanne Leth Hillman, Vice President, Director of IR & Corporate Communications,
telephone: +45 4017 5103