On 10 June 2008 the Board of TEO LT, AB (hereinafter TEO or “the Company”)

- To submit the proposal to the Company's shareholders regarding the merger by
acquisition of UAB Nacionalinė Skaitmeninė Televizija into TEO LT, AB and to
request for permission to prepare draft of the reorganisation conditions. 

- To convoke the Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders in TEO LT, AB
headquarters, at room 157, Savanoriu ave. 28, Vilnius, Lithuania, at 13.00 on
15th of July 2008, and to propose to the Annual General Meeting of
Shareholders' the following draft agenda: 
1) As regards preparation of the draft reorganisation conditions with the view
of merging by acquisition UAB Nacionalinė Skaitmeninė Televizija into TEO LT,
2) Election of the Company's Board member.

Amber Teleholding A/S, as a shareholder of TEO LT, AB, proposed to elect Mr.
Justas Pipinis to the Board of the Company for the current term of the Board.
Mr. Justas Pipinis is Managing Director of East Capital Holding AB (Sweden). 

Announcement is not considered confidential. 

Person authorised to provide additional information about material event - Egle
Gudelyte-Harvey, Director of Corporate Administration and Legal Affairs Unit,
tel. +370 5 236 7292. 

P. Pakutinskas, tel. (8 5) 236 73 30, faks. (8 5) 278 36 13, el. p.