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Neomarkka Plc	STOCK EXCHANGE RELEASE 5.8.2008	at 8.40 AM	1(2) 


Neomarkka is buying majority of the shares of Russian OAO Expocable through its 
subsidiary. OAO Expocable is producing special cables e.g. for the use of oil   
and gasworks. The turnover of the company is around EUR 5.5 million having round
230 employees.                                                                  

OAO Expocable is manufacturing different steering and instrumentation cables.   
Company is specialised in producing cables used in nuclear plants and oil and   
gasworks. OAO Expocable is significant player in the Russian market in this     
segment, which consists of several small manufacturers. The factory of the      
company is situated in Podolsk, round 50 kilometres south from Moscow, next to  
the factory of Reka Cables. The factory of Reka Cables is manufacturing power   
cables and started its activities in fall 2007.                                 

The acquisition enlargers the coverage of Neomarkka´s cable business in Russia  
and enables further development of the factory area in Podolsk.                 

”The acquisition strengthens the position of Neomarkka´s cable business in      
Russia, extends the product range and offers new customer segments with         
excellent growth prospects”, says Neomarkka´s Managing Director Markku E.       
Rentto. ”After this acquisition the cable business of Neomarkka is closer to its
target to be among the five biggest cable manufacturers in Russia.”             

Operational synergies will be reached also by joining administrative functions  
of the factories and by integrating the acquired business under the Reka brand  
as soon as possible.                                                            

The acquisition supports the new strategy of Neomarkka to invest in industrial  
companies with similar synergic benefits and to develop those companies.        

Neomarkka Plc                                                                   

Markku E. Rentto                                                                
Managing Director                                                               

Further information:                                                            
Markku E. Rentto, Managing Director, tel. +358 207 209 191                      

OMX Nordic Exchange Helsinki                                                    
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Neomarkka Plc is an investment company that invests mainly in industrial        
companies with similar synergic benefits. The aim of investments is with active 
ownership to develop the purchased companies and establish additional value.    
Neomarkka owns Reka Cables, which manufacturers installation and power cables,  
and has 30% ownership of Nestor Cables Ltd, which produces communication cables.
Neomarkka´s B shares are listed on the OMX Nordic Exchange Helsinki main market.