Notice concerning election of the members of the Board of the parent company

	By the 7th of April 2009 resolution of the shareholder of Stumbras AB parent
company Mineraliniai vandenys UAB the members of the board of Mineraliniai
vandenys UAB were elected. 
	The elected members of the Board of Mineraliniai vandenys UAB are: 
	- Česlovas Matulevičius - Chief Executive Officer of Stumbras AB;
	- Voldemaras Kallo -Finance Director of Stumbras AB;
	- Marijus Cilcius - Commerce Director of Stumbras AB;
	- Algirdas Čiburys - Marketing Director of Stumbras AB;
	- Arnas Paulius - Purchasing and Export Director of Stumbras AB.

Dalius Balceris
Member of the Supervisory Board
+ 370 5 2786 065