NEW YORK, Aug. 18, 2011 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Omni Ventures, Inc. (Pink Sheets:OMVE) announced today the appointment of Mr. Paul Guez to the Board of Directors. Mr. Guez replaces Mr. D. Reardon as Chairman.

Mr. Paul Guez is widely regarded in the denim industry as the "Godfather of Premium Jeans." He was the founder of Sasson Jeans™ in the late 70s and has consulted and designed with a number of prominent denim companies and designers since then.

"We are very pleased to have Paul Guez as our Chairman of the Board," said Charles Lesser, President of Omni Ventures. Lesser continued, "The career of Paul Guez is the story of spectacular successes and controversy. Starting with phenomenal success with Sasson Jeans in the late 1970s, which boasted annual sales of over $500 Million and had licensees in over 100 countries, Paul's recent successes include such brands as Taverniti So Jeans with over $25 Million in sales and distribution in Europe and Asia.  Paul has worked with most major recognizable denim brands and has been the mentor to a lot of the most talented designers in the industry. We are looking forward to utilizing the unique knowledge and experience that Paul brings in combination with the capabilities of our management team to propel our PRVCY brand to the forefront of the premium denim business. Paul will focus his guidance on generating immediate sales for the new collection of PRVCY to be unveiled next week as well as expanding the portfolio of casual couture brands under the umbrella of Omni Ventures."

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Omni Ventures, Inc. (Pink Sheets:OMVE) is a development stage company working on a versatile portfolio of projects in premium consumer brands development and merchandising as well as consumer services. The Company is working to position itself as a strategic management holding company for several subsidiaries including the ones to be established or acquired. Currently the Company wholly owns PRVCY Couture, Inc., the casual couture apparel and accessories design, manufacturing and distribution company ("> Management is negotiating several joint ventures with established operating companies in the fields of consumer goods design, manufacturing and distribution as well as consumer services. For more info, please visit">

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