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Statement by John von Seggern President & CEO Council of Federal Home Loan Banks

| Source: Council of Federal Home Loan Banks

WASHINGTON, Feb. 23, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Today's release of the fourth quarter 2011 operating highlights demonstrate that America's Federal Home Loan Banks are a safe, sound and important component of the nation's financial system.

As shown in the data, the 12 regional cooperatives continue to be profitable, as they have been throughout the nation's crisis, and are serving their purpose by expanding and contracting with the needs of their members.
The recovery is being built from the ground up. Making sure community lenders have the tools to lend is a vital part of keeping our return to economic strength on track.
The economic health of U.S. communities relies heavily on the well-being of community lenders who provide for consumers' and businesses' credit needs. In turn, these lenders rely on Federal Home Loan Banks to provide the funding and liquidity they need to support jobs, growth and housing in every part of the U.S. in every phase of the economic cycle.

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