Cambridge, MA, May 8, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- HGH Infrared Systems, Inc, a leading provider in thermal and infrared imaging technologies and systems, has released an upgraded version of its Cyclope surveillance software.  Cyclope 3.0, which captures data from HGH's IR Revolution 360 camera, automates several of the functionalities of previous Cyclope software to ensure faster user adoption, reduced training time, and maximum performance of the camera's sensors. 

"Cyclope 3.0 is the result of research that was focused on reducing training challenges.  Due to a shorter training cycle, personnel will now be able to invest more time focusing on other critical operations," said Vanessa Couturier, HGH's General Manager of North America. The upgraded software adds several crucial functions to its previous versions including automatic sensitivity and climate settings, as well as automatic zoom hopping that provides zoom windows which automatically aim at emerging targets. 

Couturier said, "We pride ourselves on striving to improve our capabilities while maintaining technology that is easy to use and customizable for our clients.  This is the way toward our ultimate objective-providing our troops with a competitive edge and safer environment."  Cyclope 3.0 also includes a more simple contrast setting and increased touch screen capabilities, allowing the software to better adapt to vehicle applications. 

All functions of the windows-based software can be configured according to the needs of individual users, including an interface display that can be adjusted for each client.  The software captures data from the IR Revolution 360 Camera, a panoramic infrared imaging camera that features a cooled, high resolution thermal imaging sensor rotating continuously at one revolution per second for 360 degree coverage.

About HGH Infrared Systems Inc.

HGH Infrared Systems is a leading provider in thermal and infrared imaging technologies and systems.  We design, develop and assemble complete optronic systems for security, industrial and civil applications.  HGH has North American Headquarters in Cambridge, Massachusetts and offices across the world.   

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