Columbus Chiropractor Implements Electronic Records, Expands Offering

| Source: Midwest Chiropractic Center

COLUMBUS, Ohio, May 17, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Columbus chiropractor, Dr. Peter Manz of Midwest Chiropractic Center, has recently implemented an electronic medical records system at the clinic. Dr. Manz explains that the new system is designed to save time and improve patient care and convenience. Dr. Manz, who is already board certified by the National Board of Chiropractic Examiners, and by the Bureau of Workers Compensation to treat injured Ohio workers, has begun the process of earning his Diplomate in Spinal Rehabilitation. This designation requires hundreds of hours of additional study and practice for the doctor who has been treating accident injury patients since 1989.

Dr. Manz says that the new electronic medical records system and his continuing education improve the level of Columbus chiropractic care he can offer his patients. "I never get tired of doing what I do because it's not just a job for me. Every accident injury patient, every back pain patient is a person in pain, and I just want to help each of those people get better again. I've been practicing for 23 years now, and the whole time I have continued furthering my education and focused on state-of-the-art technology so that I can offer more and better solutions for my patients."

According to Dr. Manz, the new electronic records system is another solution for patients. He says that it is much quicker to bring up patient information electronically than to search for it on paper. It also enables him to securely share and obtain information from the patient's other providers so that he can understand the patient's medical history better. He says this helps him make a more precise diagnosis and enables him to team up with other providers for enhanced patient care. Dr. Manz says this provides more relief, convenience, time and money savings for the patient because the system costs less to maintain than the traditional paper records system.

Dr. Manz is particularly enthusiastic about working towards earning a Diplomate in Spinal Rehabilitation. This means he will put in hundreds of extra hours of study, pass the exams and complete requirements to be certified in this particular area of spinal rehabilitation care. Dr. Manz has already earned a number of special certifications that required additional training for treating workers comp, car accident injury and personal injury patients, as well as extra studies in sports medicine. He continues to complete extra course work in x-ray pathology and extremity treatment.

Dr. Manz says that everything he does at the clinic is focused on the patients: "I keep learning and studying so that I can provide better care every day for my patients. I want to do whatever I can to help them feel better. When my patients are happy, I'm happy."

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