Alex Bogusky Joins Made Movement as Investor and Creative Advisor

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BOULDER, Colo., July 11, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- "Creative Director of the Decade," Alex Bogusky, has joined Made Movement, a marketing agency dedicated to supporting a resurgence in American manufacturing, as an investor and a creative advisor. He joins founders Dave Schiff, Scott Prindle and John Kieselhorst.

"I know these guys are the best in the business and I would pretty much invest in any agency they are a part of," Bogusky said. "But when they told me the idea, it was a really perfect fit."

As its name suggests, Made Movement's focus is on helping companies, brands and consumers participate in the movement toward more domestic manufacturing. That mission and focus on social responsibility align with the heart of Bogusky's work. Made and Bogusky are passionate about manufacturing goods domestically not only because it is good for the economy and creates jobs, but also because it tends to result in cleaner and greener manufacturing methods and less exploitation of workers than in developing nations. These are issues about which consumers are increasingly concerned.

"All sorts of good things happen when we make stuff here, from new jobs to a smaller carbon footprint and leaner processes," Bogusky added. "Red, white and blue is the new green."

The new agency is not just a passive player in this new movement. As its name and philosophy suggest, it believes that smart brands today are participating in and riding the momentum of cultural movements and communities. The Made in America community has a new rallying point with the agency's launch of the Made Collection, the first flash-sale website and community for the finest American-made goods. Made Collection opened this week with a Pierrepont Hicks bowtie and eight other products constituting the American Launch Party collection, which celebrates American independence.

"I try to buy American, and I've realized it is really difficult and confusing," Bogusky said. "Now Made Collection does all of the hard work, so that consumers who want to buy American but want a great deal too have the perfect place to go."

Bogusky is considered one of the world's most forward-thinking creative leaders. At Crispin Porter + Bogusky – the world's most awarded advertising agency during his leadership – Bogusky created the "Truth Campaign," the most successful youth-focused anti-tobacco education initiative in U.S. history, launched the MINI Cooper and helped Al Gore debunk the notion of "Clean Coal" with TV spots directed by filmmakers the Coen Brothers. Bogusky is a member of the Art Director's Club Hall of Fame and in 2010 was named "Creative Director of the Decade" by Adweek magazine.

"To say Alex is an asset is understating it," said Dave Schiff, partner and chief creative officer at Made Movement. "He's a guy with the uncanny ability to peek around corners and see what's coming next. He's a compass for where we're headed, a barometer for the quality of our work and an impassioned co-conspirator in our enterprise. More than that, he's a friend."

About Made Movement

Founded in 2012 in Boulder, Colo., Made Movement aims to create jobs and bolster America's economy by supporting products manufactured in the USA. Made Movement strives to achieve its mission in two ways: 1) We propel brands with business-solving, needle-moving strategies and marketing solutions; and 2) We curate Made Collection, a members-only shopping portal that offers discounts on made-in-America products through flash sales. For more information on Made Movement, please call 720-420-9840 or visit

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