Saskatoon Veterinarian Completes Additional Training in Exotic Animal Care

| Source: Westward Animal Hospital

SASKATOON, Saskatchewan, Aug. 26, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Saskatoon veterinarian Dr. Cairo Parker of the Westward Animal Hospital recently completed one year of additional training in exotic animal medicine at the Western College of Veterinary Medicine. According to the veterinarian, this training allows her to broaden the scope of service of the animal hospital, including the treatment of small animal species, such as rabbits, birds, reptiles, ferrets, rodents and cats and dogs.

To broaden her scope in small animal medical care, Dr. Cairo Parker, a Saskatoon veterinarian with the Westward Animal Hospital, has completed a one-year internship in exotic animal medicine.

At the animal hospital, Dr. Parker treats cats and dogs as well as birds, reptiles, rabbits, ferrets and rodents. "So that Westward Animal Hospital can be of greater service to the pet owning population of the Saskatoon area, I made it a priority to expand our scope of pet service. Many of our dog and cat clients also own exotic animal species, and it's a benefit for them to be able to obtain care for all of their animals at one location. Plus, the popularity of exotic animals just continues to grow, and people are finding it difficult to find a veterinarian qualified in exotic animal care."

Like dogs and cats, exotic pets need regular veterinary care, Dr. Parker said. This includes preventive care to help them stay healthy. Because they live in cages or other enclosed environments exotic animals can experience different health challenges than do dogs and cats.

Dr. Parker advises exotic pet owners on a variety of pet care practices that can help promote good health and lower the risk of disease, including proper nutrition, bedding, housing, lighting, heat and humidity and general maintenance of the pet's home. Each species has unique needs, and Dr. Parker helps owners understand them for a more positive experience for the owner and pet.

She provides a range of medical and surgical care for exotic animals as well as examinations, nutritional counseling, special diets, and special services like nail, beak and wing trimming.

Behavioral counseling is another part of exotic animal care in the case of medical problems related to anxiety. An example of this is birds that pick their feathers, according to the pet hospital.

Dr. Parker also offers a range of medical and preventive care pet service for animals at all stages of life at Westward Animal Hospital. Pet owners can use the appointment request form on the Westward Animal Hospital's website, or call the hospital to schedule an appointment.

Dr. Cairo Parker and the Westward Animal Hospital provide a range of veterinary services for small animal species, including exotic animals.

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