Meridian Weight Loss Center Announces Botox and Lipo-PLUS Treatments

| Source: Healthy Habits Wellness Clinic

MERIDIAN, Idaho, Sept. 16, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Healthy Habits Wellness Clinic announced that the Meridian weight loss center now offers Botox injections and Lipo-PLUS fat burning injections. Lipo-PLUS fat burning injections are a unique combination of amino acids, Vitamin B and Vitamin C that can help patients burn fat and boost energy levels. Weight loss patients may also take advantage of the clinic's new Botox treatments. According to the wellness center, Botox injections are now being offered so patients could look as young as they feel on the inside.

Meridian patients can now receive Botox injections and Lipo-PLUS fat burning treatments at Healthy Habits Wellness Clinic. The weight loss center in Meridian recently added these treatments to complement the existing medical weight loss program.

Lipo-PLUS injections are a specially-formulated combination of amino acids, Vitamin C and B Vitamins that help kick-start a patient's metabolism for fast weight loss. According to chiropractor Dr. Kimball Lundahl and the center's medical provider, Mari Aitken, FNP, these injections help patients safely lose weight by burning fat.

"Lipo-PLUS injects are an important complement to our existing Meridian assisted weight loss program," said Mari Aitken, FNP. "These injections can help patients successfully lose weight and keep the pounds off. After a successful assisted weight loss program, our patients want to look as young as they feel inside. That's why we are excited to announce that our clinic now offers Botox injections."

According to Botox Cosmetic, over 11 million Botox procedures have been performed worldwide since the treatment was first introduced in 2004. The Healthy Habits Wellness Clinic team is specially trained to administer these procedures to improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

"Patients love how Botox enhances their natural beauty, turning back the clock without leaving patients looking like they had substantial work done," said Aitken. "Botox administration is both an art and a science, and our wellness center knows how to make sure patients look as great as they feel."

The wellness center also offers bio-identical hormone replacement therapy treatment. This program may help patients suffering from a thyroid disorder. According to Aitken, a thyroid disorder can prevent the body from properly metabolizing fat and losing weight.

"If a patient has tried but failed to lose weight, an underlying health issue, such as a thyroid disorder, may be the real problem," said Aitken. "Many patients benefit from a combination of bio-identical hormone replacement therapy and our Lipo-PLUS treatments. Together, these treatments help kick-start the metabolism for rapid weight loss."

Dr. Lundahl says that the new services were added to make it easier for busy patients to receive needed treatments.

"Offering these services in one place makes it is easy and convenient for patients to receive the care they deserve without the hassle of visiting multiple clinics or doctors," said Dr. Lundahl.

Patients may learn more about assisted weight loss at

Healthy Habits Wellness Clinic, 1-888-667-5235