All West Veterinary Clinic in Saskatoon Announced Success With Laser Therapy for Arthritis

| Source: All West Veterinary Clinic

SASKATOON, Saskatchewan, Sept. 16, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- All West Veterinary Clinic announced that the dog and cat clinic now offers companion laser therapy for dogs and cats. Veterinarian Dr. Henry Kucharski is trained to use a Class IV laser, which was approved by the FDA for treating humans and animals in 2005. According to Dr. Kucharski, laser therapy helps to naturally manage pain, reduces inflammation and accelerates the recovery process. The practice incorporates laser therapy into a variety of different wellness and surgical procedures. This includes speeding the healing process following spay/neuter operations, declawing, dental cleanings and extractions, lick granulomas, feline acne, fractures, and arthritis.

Veterinarian Dr. Henry Kucharski announced that he has had success with Class IV laser therapy for managing pain and speeding injury recovery. The pet service is available at Dr. Kucharski's animal hospital, All West Veterinary Clinic.

"Class IV laser therapy is a revolutionary treatment that is changing veterinary care," said Dr. Kucharski. "Not all Saskatoon pet hospitals offer this treatment yet, so we are proud to provide our pet owners and pet patients with this elevated level of service. We are thrilled with the difference that this pet service makes for animals in need."

Dr. Kucharski recommends laser therapy for managing pain. For example, an older dog who struggles with arthritis may not be a good candidate for orthopedic surgery. Laser therapy treatments, however, can help relieve pain in the hips and joints, without a lengthy rehabilitation period.

According to the Saskatoon veterinarian, laser therapy helps manage pain by increasing the flow of blood. Improved circulation delivers fresh, oxygenated blood to injured tissues, which decreases inflammation and swelling.

The animal hospital also recommends laser therapy for speeding the recovery process following a soft tissue injury or surgery.

"Our Class IV laser penetrates deep beneath an animal's skin," said Dr. Kucharski. "In addition to stimulating blood flow, the laser decreases nerve sensitivity and reduces inflammation. This helps to relieve pain associated with an injury while accelerating the healing process."

Veterinary laser therapy is typically administered over a series of eight to ten treatment sessions. Depending on a pet's wellness needs, a session may last between 10 to 30 minutes. For example, smaller cats suffering from feline acne require shorter treatment sessions than larger dogs with widespread arthritis and joint pain.

"For many pets, relief is noticeable after just one or two treatment sessions," said Dr. Kucharski. "The benefits of laser therapy are cumulative, and we recommend completing the full series for maximum pain management and injury recovery assistance. Whenever possible, we integrate laser therapy into our veterinary treatment programs."

In addition to laser therapy, the cat and dog clinic offers routine Saskatoon pet services. These services include vaccinations, wellness exams, pet surgery, and urgent care.

Pet owners may schedule an appointment with veterinarian Dr. Kucharski by calling the veterinary clinic.

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