Columbus Chiropractor Announces "Massage Month" for Patients

| Source: Midwest Chiropractic Center

COLUMBUS, Ohio, Sept. 23, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Midwest Chiropractic Center announced August as "Massage Month" for patients. The practice is raising awareness about the benefits of massage therapy for injury rehabilitation, natural pain management and stress relief. According to the chiropractors, massage helps to promote internal healing and increase the flow of oxygenated blood. Massage treatments also lower cortisol levels, which helps to relieve stress and support overall well being.

"Everyone deserves a massage": that's the message that chiropractors Dr. Peter Manz and Dr. Mary Bruney are sharing with Columbus back pain patients. The chiropractors are also encouraging individuals struggling with chronic pain or who have recently sustained an accident injury to learn more about how massage can help them heal.

"Massage is an important complement to chiropractic care that benefits everyone," said chiropractor Dr. Manz. "Scientific studies show that massage lowers blood pressure, lowers cortisol levels and increases endorphin levels. These physiological changes make an important difference for our patients' overall well being."

According to the chiropractors, patients who have sustained an accident injury can benefit greatly from regular massage treatments. Massage increases the flow of blood to the muscles, helping to flush out toxins and lactic acid that can block the healing process. Oxygen-rich blood delivers vital nutrients that support the healing process.

In addition to promoting internal healing, chiropractor Dr. Bruney says that massage is important for releasing tension trapped deep within the muscle fascia. This is essential for managing pain following an accident.

"When a personal injury occurs, a muscle may tighten suddenly or become overstretched," said chiropractor Dr. Bruney. "This leads to soreness, stiffness, pain and restricted movement. For example, whiplash patients may struggle to turn their heads from side to side. Massaging tension out of the muscles can help restore a full range of motion back to the body."

Regular massage treatments can also help minimize the harmful impact that daily stress has on the body. According to scientific research, constant exposure to daily stressors increases the risk for chronic illnesses, including heart disease, diabetes and cancer.

"Muscles can lock away daily tension and stress," said chiropractor Dr. Manz. "Many patients may not realize, for example, that they tend to clench or tighten certain muscles during moments of daily stress. This builds over time, trapping these anxieties and tensions within the body. A deep tissue massage can help release this tension, enhancing overall health and reducing the risk for personal injury."

Dr. Manz and Dr. Bruney work closely with the practice's licensed massage therapist, designing treatment programs that complement chiropractic care. Treatments like Swedish massage, myofascial release and deep tissue can help relieve back pain, whiplash car accident pain, and headache pain.

Dr. Manz, Dr. Bruney and the Midwest Chiropractic Center have been providing natural pain relief to the Columbus, Worthington, Westerville and Central Ohio communities for over 20 years.

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