FPC & CT sign three-year supply agreement and amendment to their JDA

| Source: Fingerprint Cards AB
Fingerprint Cards (FPC) and CrucialTec (CT) have signed a three-year supply
agreement and an amendment to their existing Joint Development & Production
Agreement (JDA) entered into in March 2012. FPC revises its sales volume for
BTPs to 30 million units for 2013.
The Biometric Track Pad (BTP) product has now been finalized for mass production
and is available in many different colors, shapes and forms to address the
growing interest from leading mobile phone and tablet suppliers. The BTP will be
manufactured at CT’s packaging plants. CT has also perfected the navigation
function, based on its leading experience from navigation capabilities in
Optical Track Pads.

FPC has initiated the ramp-up of its wafer supply for use in the BTP.
Considering the latest market developments, FPC now foresees significantly
higher demand from the mobile market and therefore revises the sales volume
expectation for the BTP in 2013 to 30 million units from the earlier guidance of
20-40 million units during 2012 – 2014. FPC has also completed the driver
porting for several major mobile phone platforms, thus reducing the time-to
-market for mobile phone and tablet customers.

In March 2012, FPC and CT signed a JDA. Since then, CT has integrated the FPC
swipe sensor silicon into its BTP and is currently designing it to meet the
needs of several leading mobile phone and tablet players. Since the acquisition
of FPC’s competitor Authentec, the already strong interest in the BTP from
suppliers of mobile phones and tablets has increased significantly.

Comments from CEO, Charles Ahn of CrucialTec
“The cooperation between the two companies has been very successful. With
extensive experience in modulization and strength in marketing, CrucialTec will
contribute to this partnership and provide compelling products to our

Comments from Johan Carlström, CEO of FPC:
“The cooperation between FPC and CrucialTec has been very successful and the BTP
solution, which is clearly appealing to most mobile manufacturers, is
establishing itself as the preferred choice in the mobile industry. CrucialTec
has created excellent packaging and esthetic appearance in several variants
depending on customer needs and excellent navigation capabilities, while FPC
contributes world-leading biometric silicon performance, stable drivers,
algorithms and creative Android applications. The partnership of FPC and CT is a
very strong combination and in 2013 we aim to be the No. 1 choice in the growing
market for biometry in mobiles and tablets.”

About CrucialTec (publ)
Crucialtec is a total input solution provider that provides Mobile Trackpad
(MTP), module packaging and one-layer TSP solutions with controlling IC (Matrix
Switching TSP). The company launched the world’s first MTP, called Optical
Trackpad, in 2006 and has supplied it to world-leading mobile makers, with
accumulated sales numbering 200 million devices. Today, the company holds a
market share of 95%, supplying products to domestic customers such as Samsung &
LG and leading mobile makers worldwide, such as RIM, Motorola, Sony, HTC and
By introducing the BTP recently, CrucialTec adds more variety in the product
line-up for the MTP category.
In the non-Trackpad line-up, the company holds the world’s only flash module
solution for mobile camera modules, which enhances light efficiency to provide
better image quality. In 2011, CrucialTec reshaped its business model to include
touch panel business after the introduction of Matrix Switching Touch Screen
Panel (MS-TSP) & controlling IC, which is known to provide competitiveness in
terms of production cost and manufacturing process, as well as leading-edge
technology that is unique from any other existing TSP solutions.

About Fingerprint Cards AB (publ)
Fingerprint Cards AB (FPC) markets, develops and produces biometric components
and technologies that through the analysis and matching of an individual’s
unique fingerprint verify the person’s identity. The technology consists of
biometric sensors, processors, algorithms and modules that can be used
separately or in combination with each other. The competitive advantages offered
by the FPC’s technology include unique image quality, extreme robustness, low
power consumption and complete biometric systems. With these advantages and the
ability to achieve extremely low manufacturing costs, the technology can be
implemented in volume products such as smart cards and mobile phones, where
extremely rigorous demands are placed on such characteristics. The company’s
technology can also be used in IT and Internet security, access control, etc.

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