Family Chiropractic Center Wins "Best of Greater Nashua" Award for 7th Year in a Row

| Source: Main Street Wellness and Chiropractic

NASHUA, N.H., Dec. 9, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Parnell Family Chiropractic in Nashua, NH was voted "Best of Greater Nashua" by the Nashua Telegraph readers. The award recognizes the family chiropractic center's commitment to quality care and customer service. This is the seventh straight year that Parnell Family Chiropractic has received this award. The practice says they are deeply honored to consistently be selected as the best wellness and chiropractic center. Parnell Family Chiropractic is a health and wellness center providing pain management, pediatric chiropractic care, sports injury treatment and massage therapy programs.

Nashua chiropractor Carol Parnell, DC, DICCP announced that the practice, Parnell Family Chiropractic, has won a "Best of Greater Nashua" award for the seventh year in a row.

"We are honored to be selected as the best family chiropractic center," said Dr. Parnell. "From pain relief for neck pain to our sports injury treatments, we are committed to helping the entire family enjoy an active, healthy lifestyle."

The Nashua Telegraph sponsors the "Best of Greater Nashua" awards. Readers may vote once per day for as many days as they want in support of their favorite local businesses. The awards recognize the best of local businesses and are designed to generate community support for local shopping and services. According to the Nashua Telegraph, more than 4,000 votes were cast this year in a variety of different categories.

As a seven-time winner, Parnell Family Chiropractic is the greater Nashua community's clear choice for a family chiropractic and wellness center.

In addition to sports injury treatment and pain relief, the center also provides diet for weight loss and massage therapy programs. Patients may benefit from a variety of therapeutic techniques and healthcare products.

"Whether a patient struggles with chronic pain or need to lose weight, our family chiropractic team can help," said chiropractor Jerrilyn Sullivan. "Our treatments are effective because we follow a whole body approach to care. This means we not only address the symptoms of a problem, such as chronic pain, but we also address the underlying causes, such as a spinal misalignment. Treating the body as a whole delivers optimal results for our patients."

Dr. Sullivan and Dr. Parnell work closely to create individualized treatment programs for each patient. A treatment program may combine different natural techniques, including chiropractic care, sports injury treatment, massage therapy programs, spinal decompression and acupuncture.

"Each patient faces unique wellness needs," said Dr. Parnell. "We recognize there is no one-size-fits-all formula for treating a problem. That's why we create customized treatment programs based on proactive care and whole body wellness. Our approach to treatment is unique, and sets us apart from other medical centers in our community."

Individuals who would like to learn more about whole body wellness and the different treatment programs at Parnell Family Chiropractic may visit

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