Year-End Report 2012

| Source: Investor AB
Highlights during the fourth quarter

  · Net asset value amounted to SEK 174.7 bn. (SEK 230 per share) on December
31, 2012, an increase by SEK 11.3 bn., (SEK 15 per share) during the quarter. If
Gambro is valued at the transaction value with Baxter, the net asset value would
amount to SEK 178.7 bn. (SEK 235 per share).

  · Investor and EQT signed an agreement to divest Gambro to Baxter. The
positive impact on Investor’s net asset value is estimated at SEK 4.0 bn. and
total proceeds at SEK 10.5 bn. As the transaction is expected to be finalized,
subject to regulatory approval, late in the second quarter 2013, it has not
affected the 2012 figures.

  · As previously communicated, SEK 500 m. was injected in equity financing to
Aleris. 3 Scandinavia distributed SEK 200 m. to the owners, of which SEK 80 m.
to Investor.

  · Net cash flow from EQT and Investor Growth Capital totaled SEK 0.3 bn.

  · The Board of Directors proposes a dividend to the shareholders of SEK 7.00
per share (6.00).

Financial information

  · Net asset value amounted to SEK 174,698 m. (SEK 230 per share) on December
31, 2012, compared to SEK 156,070 m. (SEK 205 per share) at year-end 2011,
corresponding to a change, with dividend added back, of 15 percent (-6). With
Gambro valued at the transaction value with Baxter, net asset value increased by
17 percent. The Stockholm Stock Exchange’s Total Return Index (SIXRX) was 16
percent during 2012 (-14). Over the past 20 years, annual net asset value
growth, with dividend added back, has been 14 percent.

  · Consolidated net profit for the year, which includes unrealized change in
value, was SEK 24,175 m. (SEK 31.85 per share), compared to SEK -9,288 m. (SEK
-12.14 per share) for 2011.

  · Core Investments contributed SEK 22,979 m. to net asset value 2012 (
-17,892), of which the listed SEK 23,312 m. (-17,889).

  · Financial Investments contributed SEK 591 m. to net asset value 2012

  · Leverage (net debt/total assets) was 11.5 percent as of December 31, 2012

  · The total return on the Investor share was 38 percent for 2012 (-8), of
which 18 percent during the fourth quarter (5). The total annual return on the
Investor share averaged 7 percent over the past 5-year period, 17 percent over
the past 10-year period and 14 percent over the past 20-year period.
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