LB acknowledged as one Latvia's best exporters

| Source: Latvijas balzams


JSC "Latvijas balzams" was among the 25 best exporters who received the symbolic Red Jacket award of the best exporting brands from Latvia.

"The Red Jackets" is the movement created by the GatewayBaltic to support Latvian exporters and acknowledge their achievements. 

25 best exporters were selected on the base of the research. The total turnover of 25 companies - The Red Jackets owners – reached over 900 million lats, 70% of it is export turnover.

JSC “Latvijas balzams” is the leading producer of alcoholic beverages in Latvia, as well as one of the largest taxpayers in Latvia. During 2012, JSC “Latvijas balzams” paid 36.4 millions lats to the state budget, including excise taxes amounting to 25.5 millions lats.

The unaudited turnover of the company reached 70.0 million lats in 2012, which is 3% more than for 2011. The unaudited profit for 2012 was 4.07 million lats, which represents 11.53% growth versus 2011.

JSC “Latvijas balzams” ensures workplace for more than 600 employees and with more than 100 product names is represented in almost all segments of strong and light alcohol beverages. Among the company’s products are such worldwide known brands as “Stolichnaya”, “Moskovskaya”, “Riga Black Balsam” and “Rigas Sparkling Wine”.

JSC “Latvijas balzams” is one of the most significant exporters in Latvia – its products are available in more than 160 countries through SPI Group and in 30 countries through direct export.

In 2013 JSC “Latvijas balzams” was rewarded with Silver medal in the Sustainability Index, proving that high performance of company. JSC “Latvijas balzams” was also ranked 15 among 150 companies with the best reputation in Latvia in annual Reputation TOP 2013.

More information:

Dana Hasana

Head of Communications JSC “Latvijas balzams”

Phone: +371 67011711

Mobile: +371 26355895