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First News App for iOS 7 by Newzulu Launches "People Paparazzi" App for iOS 7 Pays Cash for News, Celebrity and Sports Photos

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NEW YORK, Sept. 25, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Crowd-sourced outlet Newzulu announced the release of the first local news app built for Apple's iOS 7, with interactive features that allow ordinary people to break the news and get paid. Any iPhone user can now file photos and stories like professional TV reporters, photographers and newspaper columnists. The Newzulu app offers cash payments for news, celebrity and sports photos, with capabilities unique to iOS 7 and the new iPhone 5s and 5c models. Photos and videos can be submitted from any iPhone through the Newzulu iOS 7 app and are instantly sent to the newsrooms of over 7000 major TV networks, news websites, daily newspapers and magazines, around Australia and in 150 countries worldwide, for sale through the AFP newswire.

Newzulu's app works in partnership with AFP newswire, a world-leading newswire service, so that a photo or video sent from an iPhone can be the lead story on the evening news, or printed on the front page of any newspaper or magazine world-wide. Photos and videos sent through Newzulu iPhone app are first validated then sent through AFP for review in international newsrooms which can purchase and broadcast or publish them instantly in a number of international languages. Media outlets can use contributions of photos and videos from ordinary citizens sent from the scene of news events or where a celebrity is sighted. For the first time media outlets can use Newzulu to access a global network of citizen journalists and reporters, a digital "people paparazzi."

The Newzulu iOS 7 app allows readers to access the best submissions from thousands of photos and videos sent daily by Newzulu's 150,000 contributors located in over 150 countries. Newzulu networks all the iPhones around the world at the scene of breaking news and delivers celebrity scoops, local social scene snaps and highlights captured from the sidelines of major sports events. Submissions to Newzulu are fact-checked and validated by an editorial team but contributors are free to express their independent perspectives and opinions free from the bias that riddles traditional media outlets. Newzulu is also offering $5000 in cash prizes for the best contributions of news, celebrity and sports photos and videos. In 2013 Newzulu will award a $1000 prize for the 2013 Newzulu Reporter of the Year Award recognizing the best photo or video submitted by a citizen journalist.

Newzulu is the first crowd-sourced news outlet to release a news app custom designed for iOS 7, making it easy for lovers of iPhones and breaking news, celebrity scoops and sports coverage to view a custom crowd-sourced news feed through a sleek and stylish interface. The Newzulu news app interface is optimized for Apple's new iOS 7 and the capabilities of the new iPhone 5c and 5s handsets. Newzulu's iPhone app is closely integrated with leading social networks, including Facebook and Twitter. Newzulu's app allows users to receive custom notifications of news events delivered based on their live location, that tip them off so they can capture newsworthy photos and videos and get paid for if they are published or broadcasted. Newzulu's iPhone app is the first crowd-sourced news initiative delivering photos and videos from the smartphones of ordinary people to newsrooms around the world.


Newzulu, Inc. is the world's largest crowd-sourced news platform and citizen news wire service. Newzulu was founded in 2007 as in partnership with Agence France-Presse (AFP) to network over 150,000 citizen journalist contributors in over 150 countries worldwide. Newzulu acts as an agency for the sale of photos, videos and editorial through its online sales platform Newzulu Wire and in partnership with newswires and media sales partners around the world. Newzulu operates bureaus in New York, Los Angeles, Sydney, Paris and London, providing its crowd sourced news feed and citizen journalism platform and editorial services to over 7000 media outlets globally.

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