The shareholders of East Capital Explorer AB (publ), 556693-7404 (the
"Company"), are hereby given notice to attend the Extraordinary General Meeting
("EGM") to be held on Tuesday 19 August 2014, at 13.00 at the Company's premises
in Stockholm, Sweden at Kungsgatan 30, 14(th) floor. Registration for the
meeting will commence at 12:30.
Notification of participation
In order to be entitled to participate at the EGM, shareholders must be recorded
as shareholders in the printout of the share register maintained by Euroclear
Sweden AB on Wednesday 13 August 2014, and give notice of their intention to
participate at the EGM no later than Wednesday 13 August 2014, preferably before
Notice of participation at the EGM may be given either by telephone
+46 8 505 97 700, on the website
governance/egm, by e-mail: or by regular mail to
East Capital Explorer AB (publ), P.O. Box 7214, 103 88 Stockholm, Sweden. Please
state "EGM" on the envelope.
The  name,  personal  identification  number  (or  company registration number),
address   and   telephone  number  of  the  shareholder,  shareholding  and,  if
applicable,  attendance of any representatives  or assistants should be provided
in  the notice of participation. No more than two assistants may attend and only
if the number of assistants have been stated in advance.
Personal  data collected from powers of attorney  and the share register kept by
Euroclear  Sweden AB will be used for registration and preparation of the voting
list for the EGM.
Nominee-registered shares
In order to be entitled to participate at the EGM, shareholders whose shares are
registered in the name of a nominee must temporarily re-register the shares in
their own name. Such registration must be effected at Euroclear Sweden AB on
Wednesday 13 August 2014. Thus, the nominee should be notified in due time prior
to this date.
Proxies etc.
Shareholders who are represented by proxy shall issue a power of attorney for
the representative. Powers of attorney in original and, for legal entities,
certificate of registration should be submitted to the Company at the address
above in due time prior to the EGM. The power of attorney and certificate of
registration may not be older than one year, the power of attorney may, however,
be older if it, according to its wording, is valid for a longer period, maximum
five years. The Company provides proxy forms on the website The proxy form may also
be requested by telephone on +46 8 505 97 700.

Note that shareholders who are represented by proxy must also give notice of
participation in accordance with the instructions given above and be registered
in their own name at Euroclear Sweden AB on Wednesday 13 August 2014. A
submitted proxy is not valid as a notification to participate at the EGM.
Number of shares and votes
At the time of issuing the notice to attend the EGM, the Company has a total of
29,943,260 registered shares, with one vote per share. The Company does not hold
any own shares.
Right to request information
Shareholders present at the EGM have a right to request information regarding
the matters on the agenda in accordance with Chapter 7, Sections 32 and 57 of
the Swedish Companies Act (2005:551).
Proposed agenda
1. Opening of the meeting
2. Election of the chairman of the meeting
3. Preparation and approval of the voting register
4. Approval of the agenda
5. Election of one or two persons to attest the minutes of the meeting
6. Decision on whether the meeting has been duly convened
7. Decision on the number of members of the board of directors
8. Decision on remuneration to board member
9. Election of board member
10. Closing of the meeting
The nomination committee's proposal

7. The  nomination  committee  proposes  that  the  board  of directors shall be
increased from five members to six members.

8. Provided  that the EGM elects Liselotte Hjort as a new member of the board of
directors  in accordance  with item  9 below, the  nomination committee proposes
that  Liselotte Hjort shall receive a  board remuneration and a remuneration for
work  in  the  Audit  Committee  of  SEK  222,932 and  SEK  33,772 respectively,
corresponding  to the  remuneration received  by other  members of  the board of
directors in proportion to the length of the mandate.

The remuneration to a board member may, subject to a specific agreement with the
Company, be invoiced through a company or entity registered in the country where
the  board  member  is  tax  domiciled.  In  order for the Company to enjoy cost
neutrality,  the  invoiced  remuneration  shall  be adjusted for social security
charges and value added tax.

9. The  nomination committee proposes that Liselotte  Hjorth is elected as a new
member of the board of directors. The proposal means that the board of directors
thereafter  will  consist  of  Paul  Bergqvist,  Peter  Elam  Håkansson,  Lars O
Grönstedt, Louise Hedberg, Liselotte Hjorth and Alexander Ikonnikov.

Liselotte Hjorth, born in 1957, has broad and extensive experience from banking,
finance  and real estate,  mainly through a  number of positions  within the SEB
Group,  and most recently as Global Head of Commercial Real Estate and Member of
the  Management Board  of SEB  AG in  Frankfurt, Germany.  Liselotte Hjorth is a
Member of the Board of the Swedish National Debt Office, Kungsleden AB and White
arkitekter  AB. Liselotte Hjorth  has a  Bachelor of  Science degree in Business
Administration and Economics from the University of Lund.

The nomination committee believes that the proposed election of Liselotte Hjorth
will  bring a valuable addition of financial expertise in general, in particular
within  real  estate,  financing  and  the credit market. Furthermore, Liselotte
Hjorth  has as broad  knowledge of international  affairs and markets, including
experience from Russia and the Baltic region.

                                     * * *

                             Stockholm in July 2014
                        EAST CAPITAL EXPLORER AB (publ)
                               Board of Directors