BLOOMFIELD, Conn., Aug. 26, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via PRWEB - The world's largest bitcoin computer supplier sold $Millions worth of it's revolutionary new flagship product, The Hashlet, less than one week after the product's launch.

Designed specifically to help bitcoin go mainstream by making it easier to own, the low-cost Hashlet is changing the world of cryptocurrency. Widly considered the most powerful and user-friendly bitcoin-making product in the world, Hashlet is earning its reputation as both the most desierable bitcoin mining product in the world as well as being so easy to use that it is "Grandma approved" according to the company.

Hashlet is also the fastest-selling bitcoin miner of all time, likely due to it's appeal to mainstream audiences rather than exclusively to the small group of tech guru first adopters normally involved with cryptocurrency. Though they too have adopted the product with open arms, according to the company.

"Hashlet has brought more people into bitcoin than any other product in the world" says GAW Miners CEO Josh Garza. "It's been an extraordinary success. We were selling thousands of units per second at launch and over 100GH in less than a week."

GAW Miners also released photos of a portion of its mining operation behind the Hashlet shortly after the product's launch and hinted at future upgrades to its Hashlet family of products, such as product exchanges and changeable algorithms.

"Hashlet will finally show the world what a bitcoin miner can be capable of" Josh Garza said. "As impressive as The Hashlet is now, this is only the beginning."

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