Intuitive Technologies Launches Crowdfund Effort to Raise Awareness and Funding For New Wearable Child Safety Device

The fundraising effort will help fund the first production run for Wheresie, which uses low energy bluetooth technology and smartphone application to keep a parent or caregiver virtually connected to their child

| Source: Intuitive Technologies

SHREVEPORT, La., Sept. 23, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via PRWEB - Intuitive Technologies launched a crowdfunding effort today on Kickstarter ( for its new wearable child safety device called Wheresie. The campaign is designed to raise not only funding, but also awareness, of the important issues surrounding preventable accidents for children under age five. Developed by Dr. Wyche T. Coleman, an ophthalmologic surgeon and new father, Wheresie is a virtual leash that keeps a child connected to his or her parent or caregiver at all times through bluetooth technology and smartphone application, which sounds an immediate alert if the child becomes separated from a safe distance for any reason (such as being left in a hot car unintentionally, running off without being seen, or falling into a backyard pool).

"As soon as I learned my wife was pregnant, I started searching for a solution to prevent these kinds of accidents," said Coleman. "Seemingly harmless everyday places like swimming pools, car seats and shopping malls can be very dangerous if a child becomes separated from his or her parent or caregiver, and it can happen in a split second to even the best of us under the right circumstances."

Particularly on the heels of a number of recent high profile (and preventable) accidents involving young children left in hot cars, the public will have an opportunity to get involved in the movement to help prevent accidents and to help keep children safe - whether they're a parent, grandparent, aunt or uncle, babysitter, neighbor, or caregiver - through the new Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign for Wheresie. The fundraising effort, which has been set up with an initial goal of $100,000, will help bring this important safety device to market with the first round of production. Donors can become an active part of improving children's safety in their own communities and all across the world with various contribution and reward levels.

"The peace of mind Wheresie can provide a parent or a caregiver is truly priceless," Coleman adds. "We cannot possibly keep up with the constant movement of curious toddlers at all times, and having a little extra help from technology is a beautiful thing, even for the most attentive parent."

How Wheresie Works:

  • Wheresie acts as a "virtual leash" that clips onto a child's clothing or shoe and connects a parent or caregiver via low energy bluetooth technology (BLE) and the Wheresie application (for iPhone 4s, 5, 5C, 5S).
  • Wheresie immediately alerts caregivers if the safe proximity distance (preset in the app by the parent or caregiver) has been broken for any reason.
  • The proximity alert helps prevent accidents, such as a child getting lost or accidentally falling into a swimming pool, by alerting everyone associated with the child (whether they're with them at the time or not) of the disconnection.
  • For parents of infants to pre-k children, Wheresie provides peace of mind, allowing them to feel confident that their child is close and safe with whomever is caring for them. Through the Wheresie app, they can see who the child is with at all times and receive alerts when the child is handed off to a new caregiver or if the connection is broken.
  • The device has been designed and engineered in accordance with CPSIA compliance standards and will have an estimated delivery date of spring 2015

To learn more about how Wheresie works, check out this brief video:

About Wheresie

Developed by Intuitive Technologies and Dr. Wyche T. Coleman, Wheresie is the smart clip that helps you monitor your child's safety. A wireless device that clips onto a child's clothing or shoe and connects them to a parent or caregiver via bluetooth technology with a smartphone application, Wheresie acts as a virtual leash that immediately alerts caregivers if the safe proximity distance has been broken for any reason. Wheresie is being developed with an estimated availability date of spring 2015. Intuitive Technologies has launched a crowdfunding campaign through Kickstarter, where members of the public can help fund the first round of production of Wheresie and help bring the device to market. Donors may make contributions at various reward levels and become an active part of improving children's safety in their own communities and all across the world. To learn more about the Wheresie mission or to donate, click here

About Intuitive Technologies

Founded in 2012, Intuitive Technologies develops innovative technology solutions and applications. The company are the developers behind several successful products including mobile eye imaging device Eye Intuitive and iExaminer (currently produced and solt by Welch Allyn), iPhone photo app Money$hot and most recently beacon technology Fario and child safety device Wheresie.

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