NEW YORK, Feb. 12, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Morgan James Publishing today announced a new, consumer direct program offering previews and sales of all of their books to web and social network users on both mobile and desktop devices via the Retail Network. Beginning today, users of Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, or any other network, can easily read socially optimized excerpts of bestselling print and eBooks published by Morgan James. Readers can purchase the books, and later this month they'll also be able to sell the books themselves in their own Retail Network storefronts.

Titles include Jeff Walker's #1 New York Times bestselling title Launch: An Internet Millionaire's Secret Formula To Sell Almost Anything Online, Build A Business You Love, And Live The Life Of Your Dreams, and Explosion Green: One Man's Journey To Green The World's Largest Industry, by David Gottfried, among others. To browse a collection of currently available samples on the social web, visit our store at

Morgan James is delivering extended mobile, tablet, and desktop reading experiences that may be shared and enjoyed within any social stream. The preview reader includes a buy button that allows customers to directly purchase titles from with eCommerce and support by Retail Network, and print fulfillment and reporting by industry-leading Ingram Content Group.

Morgan James titles can now be shared as Twitter Cards, Facebook posts, and Pinterest Pins. And these can be expanded so users can read an up-to-20% sample that includes an integrated multi-item, multi-format cart, social sharing, and email opt-in for special Morgan James offers and announcements.

"We are really excited to directly put our books into social streams within mobile devices that readers carry with them during all waking hours," said David L. Hancock, Founder and CEO, Morgan James Publishing. "And by making our books available both for sale–and for selling–we're ensuring that our authors and their books are broadly discoverable in this fast-evolving marketplace."

"We're extremely excited today to be working with Morgan James to put their growing catalog onto the mobile/social web in a unique way. Morgan James is definitely 'The Entrepreneurial Publisher' - they lit up an extensive storefront within days of our first meeting! And by participating in the Retail Network (, Morgan James is making it possible for any individual, company, or organization to both buy and soon sell these great books."

Phil Ollila, Chief Content Officer, Ingram Content Group, said, "Morgan James Publishing is a fantastic example of how nimble publishers are adjusting to and thriving in this ever-changing marketplace."

About Morgan James

Morgan James Publishing, was ranked on the Publisher's Weekly fast growing small press list three times and is revolutionizing book publishing – from the author's standpoint. A division of Morgan James, LLC, Morgan James Publishing, The Entrepreneurial Publisher™, is reported as being the future of publishing. Since its inception in 2003, Morgan James has grown from publishing 6 books per year to publishing an average of 150 front list titles each year with a backlist of over 2,000 titles. Morgan James, headquartered in New York, can be visited online at

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Aerbook ( is a service of San Francisco, CA-based Invention Arts, LLC, a company dedicated to a diverse publishing and retail marketplace. Founded in 2011, the Company delivers native marketing and commerce services to a growing range of industries, including its Aerbook Native Retail and Aerbook Flyer services. Its newest offering, the Retail Network (, enables any person or company to create, customize, and curate a fully mobile/social storefront that can be dropped into any website with a line of code. Delivered in collaboration with the Ingram Content Group, the service lets store operators draw from a catalog of 2 million print books, DVDs and Blu-Rays, audiobook and music CDs, graphic novels, eBooks, and more, to curate an inventory that may be priced and sold profitably, with full access to opt-in customer relationships.

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