Emergency Call 2.0 - Startup Develops New Emergency Alert System

The company livvic wants to connect people to save lives – with the livvic App, the livvic wristband and the community.

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PRINCETON, N.J., Oct. 14, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via PRWEB - About 320,000 people die every year as a result of sudden cardiac death in the US alone. The Federal Bureau of Investigation released the statistic that about 1,163,146 violent crimes were reported in the US in 2013.

Sudden cardiac deaths or crimes can be prevented if faster help is being provided in the first place. Before the ambulance or police is on the ground regular people can save lives. They only need to know that their help is needed and feel confident to help because they are not alone. People in distress can push a button to trigger an emergency alert with the livvic App or the livvic Band. It notifies selected relatives and friends as well as people that are nearby. They receive the alert directly on their smartphone and shows them exactly who needs help and where your help is needed.

On October 10, 2015 livvic started an international crowdfunding campaign. The campaign is hosted by one of the largest crowdfunding platforms in the world, Indiegogo. Several perks will be available and for the first time also the livvic Band is being offered. After the successful campaign the free livvic App will be available for download and the production of the livvic Band can start.

livvic was founded in Hamburg, Germany in February 2014. 17 shareholders have invested about USD 495,000 in the livvic idea. The managing director Stefan Burmester and two other founding members are working as full time employees for livvic at the moment. Teams in the US, Mexico, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Netherlands and Poland are working to spread the word of the livvic idea.

The livvic App and the livvic Band have been developed in cooperation with the digital engineering experts of the Fraunhofer Institute and the telematics specialists of the akquinet AG.

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