CHICAGO, Oct. 26, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- IACP Conference — SceneDoc Inc., a leading mobile technology solution provider for public safety, announces version 3.1.0 of its secure mobile data collection platform. SceneDoc 3.1.0 brings an array of new additions and feature upgrades enabling better personalization, improvements to their near real-time communication capability, improving data collection and reporting processes, while continuing to help agencies maximize efficiencies.

SceneDoc will be offering an exclusive first-look of 3.1.0 to all interested parties during IACP 2015 at booth #1606.

With SceneDoc, law enforcement officials and other public safety personnel can complete electronic paperwork, create scene drawings, capture video/audio files and dictate text or voice-recorded notes all through their smartphone or tablet. Files can be generated into a secure field-based report to share with investigators, incident commanders and prosecutors.

“We are constantly listening to our customers and integrating features most-needed in the field. With version 3.1.0 we are delivering key upgrades to the platform, providing law enforcement and public safety personnel with a completely configurable tool to streamline scene documentation and reporting,” said SceneDoc VP Engineering, Ryan Seick. “So far this year we’ve saved our customers more than 330,000 personnel hours and will continue to increase this by making improvements to our platform.”

New features in the SceneDoc 3.1.0 mobile app include a major overhaul to the forms module allowing users to embed photos, notes and diagrams/sketches directly into their forms while completing reports. Another key feature being introduced is app modularization for admins to enable or disable core functions depending on the needs of the organization. With platform security being such an important facet to the SceneDoc platform, two-factor authentication for added security is now available. Additionally, TouchID is now supported for iOS as well as flash and tap-to-focus support for Android smartphone cameras.

SceneDoc also partnered with AccuWeather in order to provide weather information for officers in the field. With SceneDoc 3.1.0, automated hyper-local weather conditions are added in each SceneFile as well as a new feature – the AccuWeather MinuteCast™, which provides precipitation forecasts, including intensity as well as start and stop times, up to 120 minutes in the future based on user’s GPS location.

The SceneDoc Cloud Portal also added a handful of customer-driven features in v3.1.0 including improved data validation to check data against the original file source to ensure it hasn’t been edited or tampered with, pre-populating forms to quickly capture and speed up submission time, Active Directory integration for unified user names and password entry, and digitally signed reports for PDFs to ensure integrity throughout the lifecycle of the files.

Agencies using Scene Doc include Palm Springs PD, Rockbridge County Emergency Management, Prince Georges County DPW&T, and Midland Police Service.

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About SceneDoc

SceneDoc is the global leader in mobile data collection software. SceneDoc is a smartphone/tablet-based software platform that provides law enforcement and a variety of public safety personnel a secure, accurate and consistent means of documenting crime, accident and other incident scenes. Comprised of a highly configurable mobile application together with cloud-based data backup and administration, SceneDoc is the proven solution-of-choice for governments and enterprises around the globe. For more information, please contact

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