BOULDER, CO and DENVER, CO--(Marketwired - Apr 11, 2016) - Kickfurther, a leading inventory and invoice financing marketplace that connects companies and buyers seeking qualified short-term deal financing, and NSR Invest, a leading peer-to-peer investment management platform, are announcing a strategic partnership to increase data-driven investment capabilities to the Kickfurther platform. The announcement is being made at LendIt USA 2016.

The Kickfurther engineering team is utilizing NSR Invest's open architecture to provide its clients the ability to analyze and choose company offers using NSR's best-in-class analytics, trading and reporting tools.

"Kickfurther provides our clients with a differentiated opportunity to access investment opportunities that provide enhanced yield," said Bo Brustkern, NSR Invest Co-Founder & CEO. "Kickfurther is a fast-growing platform in the inventory financing space providing attractive short term yield opportunities on a fractionalized basis for both retail and accredited investors. This is an excellent fit for our 5,000-strong userbase, and aligns beautifully with our mandate."

"This partnership has the potential to add tens of millions of dollars into our crowdfunding ecosystem," said Kickfurther Co-Founder & CEO Sean De Clercq. "We admire the team at NSR Invest and their leadership as pioneers in FinTech. We're incredibly excited to work together to find more ways for all our customers to grow their money."

NSR Invest provides a direct, guided connection between investors and borrowers. The company enables individuals, wealth managers, family offices and institutions to access plug-and-play investment opportunities. Once the integration is complete, Kickfurther will add to the array of these opportunities on the NSR platform.

Kickfurther is the only marketplace where people can buy inventory for brands they love and earn profits when that inventory sells. The opportunity to crowdfund inventory on Kickfurther is unique because of the easily understood nature of the products and the low amount of capital needed to start earning profit in the retail market. The integration will allow NSR Invest users to plug into Kickfurther's offers that provide an average of 30.04% annualized growth.

About Kickfurther
Kickfurther is a leading inventory and invoice financing crowd-funding platform that connects companies with backers seeking qualified short-term deal financing. Our platform enables consumer product companies seeking capital to finance growth in production by sharing their sales opportunities with backers interested to put their money to work in short term profit opportunities in the retail supply chain.

Businesses post offers by choosing the amount of inventory capital they need, the profit percentage backers will earn, and a projected timeline based on sales history. Since its 2015 launch, Kickfurther has funded more than $6 Million in 240 offers by more than 200 companies. Their backers have earned an average greater than 2% consignment profit per month on completed offers.

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About NSR Invest
NSR Invest is a leading investment manager in peer-to-peer investments for institutions, individuals and their advisors. Its platform provides fully-managed accounts with a variety of risk-return profiles, built upon proprietary credit strategies, institutional grade trading technology and seamless visibility and reporting. The company's co-founder, Peter Renton, is known for the pioneering educational website, Lend Academy, while NSR Invest's sister company, LendIt, hosts the largest conferences about online investing around the globe.

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