NEW YORK, June 02, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- FolioDynamix, a leading provider of wealth management technology and advisory services, has announced the launch of FolioDynamix 8.0. The new FolioDynamix 8.0 features clean, easy-to-navigate screens, accessible from a central dashboard with a system of alerts and triggers that allows advisors to harness powerful trading and rebalancing tools.

Client-centric pages provide a one-stop-shop for thorough, highly customizable analysis with search functionality at the account, sleeve, or household level, as well as across an entire book of business. Built based on research into how advisors prefer to work, the new FolioDynamix 8.0 also features an integrated knowledge center to provide support and answers based on the advisor’s preferred method of accessing information; advisors can learn “by function” (in the order tasks/functions appear on the platform), “by scenario” (according to the most popular use cases), or “by method”, which offers a complete view of FAQ’s and resource guides.

“In building and launching 8.0, our approach was to look at the solution from an advisor’s perspective,” says Jonathan Ferrara, head of product management at FolioDynamix. “We wanted to package the powerful technology that is the foundation of our platform into an advisor experience focused on efficiency and improved transparency. The result is that advisors can quickly review key information, make investment decisions, and ultimately, have more time to meet with clients.”

“Feedback from our clients who are already up and using the platform has been outstanding,” says Bob Moats, senior managing director and head of wealth management for Ziegler Wealth Management. “The experience is almost night and day, and it’s clear that FolioDynamix spent time thinking through enhancements that really make a difference in advisory efficiency.”

FolioDynamix collaborated with a leading UI firm to help guide the new look and feel, and has dedicated a significant amount of resources and talent to ensuring that the 8.0 rollout offers a significant upgrade, not just a facelift. Intuitive search and spotlight functionality allows advisors to find, and react to, the information they need. Interactive tables and charts can be customized via filters and time periods to help an advisor illustrate trends or perform detailed analysis.

“I’ve always believed that we have the best and most powerful solutions in the market—and now, it looks as elegant on the outside as it is leading-edge on the inside,” says Joe Mrak, CEO and founder of the firm. “The new user interface makes it easier for advisors to take advantage of trading, reporting and account management tools on par with what institutional managers have access to.”

The firm has recently been recognized in the industry and the press, winning the FTF News award for “Best Cutting Edge Solution” and announced as a finalist for the Benzinga Innovation Awards. Response by several industry analysts, given early demos of the product, has been overwhelmingly favorable, and, most importantly, client feedback has been very positive.

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