AUSTIN, TEXAS, Aug. 5, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Kimbia, a leading provider of online fundraising solutions and crowdfunding events, has completed its review into issues affecting the Give Local America® giving day event on May 3. Based upon all of the information obtained through this review, Kimbia is confident that the issues experienced were isolated and have been resolved.

It is important to note, Kimbia has since successfully delivered other giving days and high-traffic events. As part of its review, Kimbia engaged the professional services firm BDO USA, LLP to conduct an independent IT diagnostic review of its technology environment. The findings and recommendations from this review informed the conclusions and resolutions of Kimbia's own investigation.

Kimbia's review revealed problems with caching, database configuration, and code changes made outside of the company's normal testing procedures. Kimbia has resolved these specific technology and process issues, directed changes by third-party providers, and also implemented organizational changes designed to prevent similar issues from occurring in the future.  

To ensure consistency in product strategy, development, and testing processes, Kimbia transferred all services web development personnel (a separate internal team previously responsible for developing the Giving Day Application), to the company's product development team under the direction of Kimbia's Chief Technology Officer Conleth O'Connell. The change was effective June 6. 

"We continue to enhance the Giving Day Application," said Kimbia's CEO, Daniel Gillett. "Moving the entire development effort under the leadership of our CTO brings added assurance that issues such as those experienced with Give Local America 2016 will not happen again."

Additionally, Kimbia recently welcomed industry veteran Tori Jordan as its new VP of Customer Success. Jordan is responsible for developing best practices in project management, implementation and support across all customer-facing teams to ensure success and a superior experience for customers.  

Kimbia is successfully moving forward to benefit communities and organizations through online fundraising solutions and crowdfunding events.

About Kimbia, Inc.

Kimbia is an online fundraising, crowdfunding, and event platform provider for nonprofits, higher education, and community foundations. Kimbia is the technology platform and solution provider behind Give Local America®.

About Give Local America

Give Local America®, a registered trademark of Kimbia, Inc., is the only single-day crowdfunding event that betters communities through local channels. Give Local America® works with community partners, to partner with local nonprofit organizations, to bring hundreds of thousands of people together to make gifts and support vital causes in their communities.

Taylor Shanklin
Sr. Product Marketing Manager