ROSEVILLE, Calif., Dec. 13, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Today, Alien Buffalo, a boutique technology driven camping design and manufacturing brand, has confirmed the formal launch of The Buffalo Tent. This state of the art new telescopic camping shelter is a first to market with their unique construction, design, portability and storage specifications.

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Fully designed and assembled in Northern California, the freestanding Buffalo Tent provides instant shelter through high-tech rain resistant, heat resistant, and blackout camping comfort. The groundbreaking telescopic carbon fiber frame can create a center area greater than nine feet - without the need for a cumbersome center pole. Weighing just 44 pounds, it has an impressive three-minute strike time and is proven to support a robust internal hanging weight of 250 pounds.

“It is like having a portable living room in the size of a golf bag,” affirmed Barrett Lyon, Founder, and Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Alien Buffalo. “We have succeeded in creating something truly special that does not resemble or function like another regular tent. We started this brand because we felt there was a lack of options beyond just a standard tents and camping equipment.”

The brand considered every element of how a large camping structure should be designed from the thread to the carbon fiber and even the water resistant zippers. The brand new tent design has excelled in tests in all types of extreme weather conditions and temperatures compared to alternatives in the expedition and festival tent space. The reflective cover, AC ducting and superior airflow were able to withstand the searing temperatures in the Nevada Desert.

As its name suggests, Alien Buffalo is a twist on the future and the past where trusted tradition meets modern design and materials which all add up to a magical experience for users. The Buffalo Tent is currently available in two exciting styles and is the first in a collection of equipment to be released by the brand.

About Alien Buffalo:
Alien Buffalo was founded in 2015 in Northern California by a passionate group of campers, outdoors fanatics, festival goers, and adventurers. Today, they can all be found camping in the backcountry of the Sierra Nevadas or surviving the harsh climate of the Nevada Black Rock Desert. The entire team believes in constant improvement and designing as they go. Alien Buffalo’s biggest journey has now begun with the introduction of the telescopic Buffalo Tent. We look forward to expanding our visionary designs to include the most modern camping technologies available anywhere in the world. Explore the future of camping today by visiting our website: 

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