Million Blue Letter Mailing Seeks a Sea of Change with Message to Trump: No More Bullying, Bigotry and Sexism

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Million Blue Letter Mailing Campaign Against Racism, Sexism and Bullying

Started by a private citizen, the Million Blue Letter Mailing campaign provides a quick and easy way for Americans to send a U.S. postal letter with a message against the racism, sexism and bullying of the new Administration to both the U.S. President and their congressional representatives with just a few online clicks. The goal is to deliver a sea of blue letters, showing that a vast number of Americans are looking to the new Administration to lead by inclusion and stop its current divisive tactics.

Million Blue Letter Mailing

THOUSAND OAKS, Calif., Feb. 16, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- A new messaging drive, initiated by a private non-political citizen, seeks to flood the U.S. president and Congress with a million blue envelopes containing letters opposing bigoted, fear-based or sexist actions from the new administration. Sending the message is an easy, positive step anyone can take in just a few quick clicks to speak out against systematic discrimination and hatred through the Million Blue Letter Mailing campaign on either the GoFundMe or Indiegogo crowdsourcing sites.

A video accompanying this announcement is available at:

“We’ve launched this campaign so that the majority in this country can share their concerns in an encouraging and hopeful voice. Imagine the impact a sea of blue envelopes, all with a message from an American stating that hatred-based politics is not acceptable, will have on politicians who depend on their voter-base to stay in power,” said Don Baker, the campaign organizer and founder of the online marketing firm Onion Head Direct.

The Million Blue Letter Mailing campaign focuses on how positive voices, such as those expressed by Dr. Martin Luther King and President Jack Kennedy, have changed society.  A video on the crowdsourcing sites explains the importance of standing up for justice as the new administration takes its first steps to swiftly implement divisive policies, Baker said.

The pre-printed letter, to be sent to the president and congressional representatives, reads in part: “We are counting on you to be a leader that inspires others to positive change and not someone to divide us further with harsh words.  Please take your responsibility seriously and serve ALL Americans.” (See the complete message at the end of this news release.)

How It Works

Participants sign up to send the letters at either of the crowdfunding sources. The messages can be personally signed or sent anonymously. 

For a $3 donation covering printing, materials and postage, MBLM will send the letter to President Donald Trump or, for $6, to both the president and a selected federal representative. To make the mailing more visible, the letters are being delivered in a distinctive blue envelop marked with a “Make Your Voice Heard” decal. There is also an option to send a blue postcard for $2 or two postcards for $4. 

The recommended donations are based on actual costs. If there are any profits from the crowdfunding campaigns, they will be donated to established nonprofits supporting women’s rights, LGBTQ, gun control and other civil rights that are likely to suffer from expected budget cuts or other punitive actions, according to Baker. 

Don Baker Acting as a Private Citizen

A crowdsourcing and TV direct marketing executive, Baker has orchestrated several of the largest direct response “hits” in recent television history, including the commercially-successful Jerry Springer Too Hot for TV videos, the colorized American Eagle silver dollar campaign, and colorized state quarters with map board displays. Baker is a private businessman and entrepreneurial who has not generally been active in partisan activities and has pretty much limited his political efforts to voting.

“Like a lot of folks, I was working away at my business and just shaking my head at the negative rhetoric during the presidential campaign.  Then I woke up the day after the election and started to wonder if I could find a way to help transcend all these fractures and move the culture back toward our common values of respect and positive action,” Baker said.

The Million Blue Letter Mailing campaign is his private effort to apply his experience in crowdsourcing and direct response to promote the social good. 

Media Contact:  Linda Marcus, APR,, +1-714-974-6356 U.S. Pacific

Full content of the Million Blue Letter Mailing message:

The White House
Attention: Mr. President
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20500

Dear Mr. President:

A dark storm of hatred is building over our great country, fueled by voices of bigotry and fear.  But strong voices can also lead us into the light.

Positive voices have changed the world. The words "I Have a Dream" rallied a generation to action.  "Ask Not What Your Country Can Do for You" inspired the nation to public service.  And "All You Need Is Love" reminded us of what was important.

Great voices inspire and the power of many voices can shape history.

We created this campaign as a positive voice for Americans against bigotry, sexism and bullying and we ask you to end the bullying, bigotry and sexism that fueled the election and carries over into the new administration. Please put a halt to these divisive and hate filled words.

We are counting on you to be a leader that inspires others to positive change and not someone to divide us further with harsh words.  Please take your responsibility seriously and serve ALL Americans.

The Majority of Americans