RigNet deploys its first deep water 4G LTE system in the Gulf of Mexico and announces dramatic capacity increases to its state-of-the-art licensed 4G wireless network

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HOUSTON, March 28, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- RigNet, Inc. (NASDAQ:RNET) continues its commitment to provide a comprehensive 4G broadband service today in the Gulf of Mexico (GOM) with the addition of the first deep water 4G LTE service offering.  RigNet’s expansion continues to enhance its reputation as the leader in broadband connectivity in the GOM. For the past 21 years, RigNet has operated the most reliable network in the GOM delivering carrier-class services to the oil and gas industry servicing over 300 facilities from Texas to Alabama. RigNet’s connectivity solutions exceed 100 Mbps to satisfy the most demanding customer applications.

Recently, RigNet installed its first 4G LTE system which expands and increases its capabilities to deliver business grade services to deep water locations in the remote area of the Green Canyon field. Along with the LTE deployment, RigNet has increased the capacity of its wireless Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) network threefold. The current capacity combined with peak aggregate speeds at RigNet’s five beach landing locations exceeding one gigabit of throughput. This additional capacity along the coast will fortify the already robust network to ensure that customer’s future capacity requirements and critical Service Level Agreements (SLAs) are fully satisfied.

RigNet’s resilient wireless network is designed for the highest service availability using proven carrier-class grade equipment designed over a MPLS fully redundant multi-mesh licensed wireless transport. RigNet’s network is completely interconnected with disaster recovery data centers that provide multiple routing options for services during normal operations, adverse weather conditions as well as power outages. RigNet can also supply battery back-up solutions or solar power systems capable of providing extended coverage during platform power outages.

RigNet monitors, manages and maintains this network with its 24/7 Global Network Operations Center to ensure network performance meets and exceeds customer SLAs. RigNet also uniquely maintains a full-time maintenance helicopter and dedicated personnel that are highly trained and certified to support wireless engineering, maintenance, and disaster recovery when needed.

“This is an incredibly exciting time for RigNet as we continue to build on our rock-solid track record of providing highly reliable wireless connectivity in the Gulf of Mexico supporting the mission critical communications needs of our oil and gas customers,” said Steven Pickett, RigNet’s CEO and president.

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