Derivatives: Commenced trading in Lundin Petroleum IPC Basket Contracts (31/17)

| Source: Derivatives

On April 18, 2017, NASDAQ Derivatives Markets carried out a re-calculation of options, forwards, and futures with expiration date other than April 21, 2017 in Lundin Petroleum AB (Lundin Petroleum) due to a share distribution. For details regarding the re-calculation please see Exchange Notices 24/17, 27/17, 29/17 and 30/17. The re-calculated basket contracts have been suspended for trading and exercise from April 19, 2017 until listing of International Petroleum Corporation (IPC) at NASDAQ.

NASDAQ has admitted the company's shares in IPC to trading with effect from April 24, 2017. Trading in the Lundin Petroleum IPC Basket contracts will commence from 09:00 (CET), April 24, 2017.

For further information please see the attached file.