BETHEL Computer Consultant Demonstrated JabezPOS in the 2017 COMPUTEX - Taiwan IoT Expo Organized by Taipei Computer Association

| Source: Taipei Computer Association

Taipei, Taiwan, July 06, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- BETHEL Computer Consultant Co., Ltd. had an excellent opportunity to demonstrate cloud service in the 2017 COMPUTEX - Taiwan IoT Expo. Thanks to invitations from the Industrial Development Bureau and Taipei Computer Association.

With over 25 years system service journey, BETHEL Computer Consultant Co., Ltd. builds up the global POS (point of sales) service cloud. It helps the small retail stores and restaurants, even chain store, to set up a handy POS system and ERP (enterprise resource planning) integration rapidly. In addition to the daily transaction management for retail stores and restaurants, the tremendous advantages of are the elasticity, extensibility and integration. VIP cloud, one of innovative services, contains the reward points and top-up card system. Let stores give and redeem points in few steps. The diversity point reward events could drive consumption and loyalty. The top-up system lets customer deposit money in their security cloud account. Help store gain more prepaid transaction and increasing re-buying. Global POS Smart Fintech Solution is a native cloud architecture service. provides cross-platform, multi-device, and multilingual version. It is easy to deploy for stores and restaurants. Highly modulation shortens the integration terms with other hardware and software. moves beyond mobile commerce trend. is committed to refining and integrating top-up payment, third-party payment, mobile payment and member relationship management. It will help stores and restaurants to construct mobile-commerce, e-commerce, voucher transaction, and reward points transaction, etc. Therefore, it could support stores and restaurants to build up the online store for O2O (on-line to off-line) ecosystem.

In 2017 COMPUTEX - Taiwan IoT Expo, BETHEL Computer Consultant demonstrates diverse service solution based on for buyers from the global, like JabezOrder a mobile menu system for restaurant. It fits different scenario of restaurant service and synchronizes with the POS operation. It can use for ordering in store or on-line, take out or delivery. Instead of downloading and installing the certain apps, customers order directly by scanning QR code or clicking URL. Every order pulls the trigger to the rest of restaurant operation. In another instance, the multi payment system integrates diversity digital payment like MRT card, credit card, top-up card, third-party payment, and offers more options to customers. The most exciting service breaks through the past POS member management. adds a whole new cloud member system. Every transaction could accumulate reward points to any customer, even the first time buying. No need to type in customer information in advance. Customers can redeem their points after they sign up. Customers collect all points from any store that apply to the VIP cloud. It is an ultimate loyalty program for the retail stores and restaurants. received lots of positive feedback and advice during 2017 COMPUTEX - Taiwan IoT Expo. BETHEL Computer Consultant achieved an agreement with Alliance Bankcard Services for the cooperation. Alliance Bankcard Services has dedicated to serving business since 2000 in United State. Companies choose Alliance Bankcard Services because they provide much more than just payment processing. Alliance Bankcard Services works with every business type and can offer a full range of payment solutions to fit business’ needs. They have been serving the different brands, new e-commerce startups, and thousands of small and middle business. Hope that the collaboration leads into a localization service. And BETHEL Computer Consultant could export the successful localization model to the global market in the near future.

One of the organizers of COMPUTEX TAIPEI and the largest industrial organization in Taiwan. Established in 1974, TCA has nearly 4,000 corporation members engaged in fields such as software, hardware, and network communication service. The current Chairman is Mr. Tung Tsu-hsien, who is also the Chairman of Pegatron Corp.

About BETHEL Computer Consultant Co., Ltd.
With over 25 years software development experience, BETHEL Computer Consultant Co., Ltd. is good at developing POS, ERP system and system integration in Taiwan.  It has served more than 5000 retail stores and restaurants and dedicated to innovation platform service.

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