Insys Therapeutics, Inc. Releases Statement on Payor Interactions

| Source: Insys Therapeutics, Inc.

PHOENIX, July 17, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Insys Therapeutics, Inc. (NASDAQ:INSY) (“Insys” or “the Company”) issued a statement today on its interactions with payors:

Insys, in concert with its business partners, is dedicated to helping patients navigate the complex payor environment that exists for patients as they seek to access the Insys products that their practicing health care providers have deemed appropriate or necessary for their treatment.  As part of this endeavor, Insys is committed to establishing long-term partnerships in the healthcare community with public and private payors and operating with integrity and ethical standards that cultivate a culture of trust and transparency. 

We believe that in the spirit of accountability, we have taken, and will continue to take, appropriate steps to learn from the past and to ensure that appropriate protocols and policies are in place at our Company.  Where appropriate, Insys will vigorously advocate for fair patient access to medications, as well as vigorously defend itself within the legal and regulatory proceedings available to the Company.

Insys Therapeutics is a specialty pharmaceutical company that develops and commercializes innovative drugs and novel drug delivery systems of therapeutic molecules that improve the quality of life of patients. Using proprietary sublingual spray technology and capabilities to develop pharmaceutical cannabinoids, INSYS is developing a pipeline of products intending to address unmet medical needs and the clinical shortcomings of existing commercial products. INSYS currently markets one product, SUBSYS® (fentanyl sublingual spray) and has received approval for the marketing of SYNDROS™ (dronabinol oral solution), a proprietary, orally administered liquid formulation of dronabinol. INSYS is committed to developing medications for potentially treating addiction to opioids, opioid overdose, epilepsy, and other disease areas with a significant unmet need.

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