Statement from David Gilmour about Earth Alive Clean Technologies September 6, 2017 Press Release

| Source: Mr. David Gilmour

MONTREAL, Sept. 13, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- David Gilmour, in his capacity as shareholder and a director of Earth Alive Clean Technologies Inc. (the “Corporation”), wishes to inform the public about certain issues raised by the Corporation in its September 6, 2017 press release describing the legal proceedings instituted by Mr. Gilmour.

Mr. Gilmour is essentially seeking his reinstatement as Chief Executive Officer of the Corporation. Mr. Gilmour’s legal proceedings against the Corporation do not contain any monetary claim made against the Corporation other than the payment of Mr. Gilmour’s regular salary. The payment of a sum of $5,000,000 is exclusively sought from the directors Robert Blain, Benoit Lasalle and Michel Ringuet if and only if the reinstatement is not ordered by the Court. The legal proceedings are specifically asking the Court to order that the said directors not be indemnified by the Corporation given the oppressive nature of their actions against the best interest of the Corporation.

Mr. Gilmour considers that the Corporation’s September 6, 2017 press release approved by the directors Blain, Lasalle and Ringuet is further evidence that they are conducting the affairs of the Corporation in a manner that is oppressive and unfairly prejudicial to the Corporation and its stakeholders.

Mr. Gilmour reaffirms his commitment as both a shareholder and a director of the Corporation to nonetheless promote the affairs of the Corporation and protect and serve the Corporation’s best interest.

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