Company partners with Quovo and Credible to offer instant loan authentication, repayment, and refinancing to dramatically reduce employees’ financial burdens expands platform, debuts new mobile experience, and adds customers

BOSTON, Sept. 18, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --, the SaaS company working with employers to offer student loan repayment and refinancing as a benefit of employment, today announced new capabilities and strategic technology partnerships that operationally make it possible for student loan repayment and refinancing to become a new normal in employee benefits. has partnered with fintech leaders Quovo and Credible to develop the industry’s most comprehensive and powerful SaaS platform for student loan repayment and refinancing.

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In addition to a simple, elegant interface, debuted a new mobile experience that furthers its mission of redefining how users and companies tackle school loans. Several new customers, including ZappRx, Afiniti, and Assurance, attest to the platform’s value as well. has modernized an antiquated system of student loan servicing, leveraging data to improve the user experience, deliver greater impact, and ease employer roll out. Through’s innovative technology, customers simply "turn on" student debt repayment and refinancing options as an employee benefit, which can be offered company-wide or for special employee populations. As part of’s platform expansion, the company offers simple employer and user onboarding, payment processing, and real-time payment notifications -- and systems are always up-to-date.

Employers never see an employee’s outstanding loan balance nor do they have to worry where to send money. The employer dashboard shows only the data they need, including when pulls payments, when it processes payments to the employee's student loans, and when payments are made. These insights are provided at a glance so administrators know what is happening across the enterprise at any moment.

Partnerships to fuel the future of student loan repayment has partnered with Quovo to become the industry’s only provider to offer a comprehensive experience that includes real-time sign-up, account linking, account aggregation, and account verification, effectively tackling severe deficiencies in the student loan industry. By extending these capabilities to mobile, enables employees to sign up for this benefit while on the go in two minutes or less.

“’s technology has real potential to alleviate the student debt issue in this country so we are very excited to partner with’s CEO Laurel Taylor and the rest of her team,” said Lowell Putnam, co-founder and CEO of Quovo. “By ensuring that businesses get accurate, real-time information about student loans, Quovo and can alter how student debt is paid down and increase the value that employers can offer their employees.”

In addition to a best-in-class solution for enterprises and an elegant user experience for employees, partnered with Credible to embed a real-time multi-lender refinancing marketplace experience. When multiple lenders compete, everyone wins. Borrowers who have used the Credible marketplace to refinance into loans with shorter repayment terms can expect to save nearly $19,000 on average.

"Credible is excited to partner with to help student loan borrowers get the most out of an increasingly popular employee benefit,” said Stephen Dash, founder and CEO of Credible. “When employers provide student loan repayment assistance, employees can save even more money if they also refinance their loans at lower interest rates."

Better enterprise benefits win the talent wars
As the talent wars continue to rage,’s unique approach and innovative technology empowers employers. By offering student debt repayment and refinancing options, companies are able to compete at a new level for employees by eliminating one of their greatest pain points -- outstanding student loan balances. Companies that use establish a sustainable competitive advantage by introducing an incentive that becomes self-funding within the first 15 months as it increases employee retention.

“Companies that leverage HR as a center of innovation will gain an advantage in the war for talent,” said founder and CEO, Laurel Taylor. “By integrating student debt repayment and refinancing as a standard part of health and wellness benefits packages, companies alleviate their employees’ number one source of financial stress: student debt. From a systems-thinking perspective, this relief can help close the wealth gap by inspiring employee participation in wealth accumulating vehicles, like 401(k), just like their debt-free peers. We have to get these users to get back into the game of wealth creation, rather than sitting on the sidelines. When this happens, employee love and loyalty follows.” 

“ delivers in every aspect,” said Zoe Barry, founder and CEO of ZappRx. “Its user interface is elegant, its sophisticated functionality is far superior to anything on the market, and, most importantly, it helps address one of our employees' greatest stresses. Enabling employees to focus on work, and not debt, is a huge win for everyone - our employees, investors, and customers.”

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At the intersection of FinTech and HRTech, was created to address the student debt crisis with technology and data-driven solutions. The company seeks to dramatically accelerate the borrower’s ability to retire student debt by aligning interdependent parties in a novel way: the private sector’s need to hire and retain top talent with users' need to crush student loans. has developed and deployed an enterprise-appropriate, secure student debt repayment and refinancing benefit administration platform that tackles deficiencies in the student loan industry through the use of technology and process optimization. works with companies of all sizes, from startups to leading enterprise customers, to enable them to make monthly loan payments on behalf of employees. then harnesses contributions to further drive down interest rates on student loans. The company has won numerous awards for its advancements and achievements. is headquartered in Boston, MA. For more information, please visit

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