Perrysburg, Ohio (November 6, 2017) - Owens-Illinois, Inc. (NYSE: OI) and three of its customers were honored by the Glass Packaging Institute (GPI) as winners of the organization's 2017 Clear Choice Awards. The awards recognize unique and brand-differentiating design in glass packaging. O-I's award-winning glass packaging includes Crazy Water Company, Oui by Yoplait and Wild Turkey Rare Breed.

Entries were judged on innovation, package design (including container label and closure), shelf impact and how well the package design tells the brand story. The judging panel is assembled from the food and beverage industry, and included Tom Bobak, Founder & Editor-in-Chief, American Craft Beer; Peter Chamberlain, Associate Director, Myron E. Ullman Jr. School of Design, University of Cincinnati; Geoff Kleinman, Editor, DrinkSpirits.com; and Denise Purcell, Head of Content for the Specialty Food Association.

O-I products were chosen as the winner in three of the competition's eight categories: Non-Alcoholic Beverage, Newcomer to Glass Packaging (including Reversions) and Spirits.

Non-Alcoholic Beverage - Crazy Water Company
An all-natural mineral water bottled in Texas since 1881, Crazy Water launched a new bottle blending the nostalgia of their early days with more modern demands. The packaging gives a nod to the product's medicinal roots, and features the brand's differentiating tagline, "Infused by Mother Nature," embossed into the glass.

Newcomer to Glass Packaging (Including Reversions) - Oui by Yoplait
Unlike other yogurt packages, Oui by Yoplait allows the consumer to see the color and layers of the product in the container. The room above and below the label on the jar shows the fruit and yogurt. While this is breakthrough yogurt packaging in the U.S., it is common in France, where Yoplait has its origins. The package itself is made of glass, with a foil seal. The size, shape and packaging material all contribute to making this product stand out among others on the shelf, and bring a new style of yogurt to the U.S.

Spirits - Wild Turkey Rare Breed
Wild Turkey Rare Breed was undergoing a packaging change in conjunction with a new liquid launch. As a result, Gruppo Campari wanted a new bottle, with glass being the natural packaging choice. In redesigning the bottle, the intention was to contemporize the brand's look and feel in the retail space. On the store shelf, the focus of the redesign was to improve opportunities for brand awareness by increasing the space available for branding with a label. The clean glass geometry shows off the vibrant, amber liquid.

Winners were announced and recognized at the Packaging That Sells Conference in Chicago, Illinois on October 24, 2017.

"O-I is proud to have our designs and customer partnerships recognized at the 2017 Clear Choice Awards. These bottles demonstrate our ability to work closely with our customers and leverage our expertise and capabilities to tell the story of their brand through glass packaging," said Raul Paredes, Director of New Product Development for O-I.

"The 2017 Clear Choice Award winners really show off how glass bottles allow brands to get the look and feel that connects with consumers," said Lynn Bragg, president of GPI. "Every year, the vast majority of new products launched in beer, wine and spirits are packaged in glass containers, and GPI, through the Clear Choice Awards, is proud to recognize and celebrate the leaders in innovation and design."  

For more information on the awards, and on O-I's winning products, visit http://www.gpi.org/2017-clear-choice-award-winners.

About O-I
Owens-Illinois, Inc. (NYSE: OI) is the world's largest glass container manufacturer and preferred partner for many of the world's leading food and beverage brands. The Company had revenues of $6.7 billion in 2016 and employs more than 27,000 people at 79 plants in 23 countries. With global headquarters in Perrysburg, Ohio, O-I delivers safe, sustainable, pure, iconic, brand-building glass packaging to a growing global marketplace. For more information, visit o-i.com.

About the Glass Packaging Institute
The Glass Packaging Institute (GPI) is the trade association representing the North American glass container industry. Through GPI, glass container manufacturers speak with one voice to advocate industry standards, promote sound environmental policies and educate packaging professionals. GPI member companies manufacture glass containers for food, beverage, cosmetic and many other products. GPI also has associate members that represent a broad range of suppliers and closure manufacturers. Learn more at www.GPI.org, UpgradeToGlass.com, and at GlassRecycles.org. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook at @ChooseGlass.