Las Vegas, Nevada, Nov. 27, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- LAS VEGAS, NEVADA – Cosmetology Institute of Las Vegas owner Denise Dixon will share empowering lessons on life and business during the 2nd Annual Leadership Education to Abandon Procrastination (L.E.A.P.) Conference, March 22-23, 2018, at The Conference Center of Las Vegas, 6590 Bermuda Road.  

Dixon owns two successful businesses today; however, six years ago she was a single mother on welfare eager for self-improvement. Around that time, she started Sister to Sister Connection to help girls with low self-esteem, peer pressure and poor grades. The mentoring group eventually opened doors – she got a job, began saving money and started dreaming about entrepreneurship.  

Dixon’s road to entrepreneurship was filled with false starts, mistakes and disappointments; success came through perseverance. The L.E.A.P. Conference was borne out of those struggles and from seeing her friends struggle and often fail at business ownership.  

“Before I could take the leap, I had to change my perspective, which led to being more active and serving in my community, which opened doors,” said Dixon, who aims to educate aspiring entrepreneurs, empower new business owners and help seasoned ones grow their companies. “Now, I have a responsibility to help change the mindsets of other people who dream of starting or growing a business.”  

At the L.E.A.P. Conference, businesses owners will meet important people and gain access to  valuable resources. Workshops will cover a variety of topics, including access to capital, grant writing, business infrastructure, social media marketing, personal brand development and health education. Dixon is especially excited about Dash’s keynote address.   

“Damon Dash brings authenticity to the world of business, at a time when a lot of aspiring entrepreneurs idolize what other people are doing. I want dreamers to know what Dash knows; all you need to build an impire is an idea and information,” Dixon said.

Teaming with Jay-Z and Kareem Burke in the mid-90’s, Dash help build to Roc-A-Fella Records into one of the top music labels, and Rocawear into one of the top fashion brands, of the last 20 years. Since parting ways with his partners a few years ago, Dash diversified his empire to include digital media, art and film. After the workshops, he and Dixon will host a Q&A.   

If you are thinking about starting a business, want to improve operations for a current business or explore new avenues to grow a long-running business, then Dixon encourages you to take the leap. She is convinced that empowering people to stop procrastinating and take the leap into entrepreneurship can address a host of societal issues, including poverty, the racial wealth gap, health issues and educational achievement.   

The L.E.A.P. Conference line-up of speakers and presenters includes:  

●Michael and Ramona Woods, owners of multicultural hair company Ashtae Products; 

●Vickie Frazier-Williams, a financial literacy coach for New York Life Insurance Company; 

●Erin McDermott, Nevada Market Manager and Regional Lending Officer for Accion; 

●Dorothy Triplett, partner in the Institute for Successful Leadership, Inc.; 

●Tiffany Alston-Kelly, founder of the Social Engagement Network; 

●Gerald Mayes, corporate health coach/program manager for Lifetime Fitness; 

●Brittany Rohr, marketing consultant and chief executive officer of Vital Medias; 

●Sharie Johnson, CEO of PR Insiders and former KLAS News Anchor; 

●Shaundell Newsome, author and CEO Sumnu Marketing; 

●Rev. Kelcey West, pastor and motivational speaker.  

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Vision Plus Holdings Group:

Vision Plus Holdings Group, the parent company of Denise Dixon’s enterprise, provides global entrepreneur education covering personal and professional development, mentoring, philanthropy and creating wealth. 


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