Šiauliai, Lietuva,, 2017-12-07 15:52 CET (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --

Gubernija AB (hereinafter, the “Company”) was informed that the main shareholders of the Company Vitas Tomkus and Respublikos spaustuve UAB (hereinafter, the “Sellers”) signed the Company's shares purchase and sale agreements (hereinafter, the "Agreements") with AB MV GROUP Production ( hereafter, the “Buyer”).

Agreements have been agreed on 39 % sale of the Company's shares. The sale price of the company's shares will be finalized at the completion of the transaction.

Under the Agreements, the Buyer will acquire ownership of the Company's shares and become a shareholder of the Company only if the preconditions for the conclusion of the transaction provided for in the Agreements will occur, among which the main condition is the issue of the concentration permit of the Competition Council of the Republic of Lithuania to the Buyer.

As the Company was informed, in the near future (time) the Buyer will apply to the Competition Council of the Republic of Lithuania for permission to fulfill the concentration by purchasing the Buyer up to 100 % of the Company's shares.

The further progress of the implementation of the Agreements will be notified accordingly.



Gubernija AB
General Manager
Vijoleta Dunauskiene