WINTER PARK, Fla., Jan. 18, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- –via OTC PR WIRE--Guard Dog, Inc. (OTC Pink:GRDO) announced that the Company has actively entered into discussions with top crowdfunding industry professionals to layout the scope and perform groundwork planning to assemble the team necessary to achieve an over-the-top crowdfunding campaign.

The success of a crowdfunding campaign often has less to do with the product than it has to do with the polished campaign behind the product. Successful campaigns require coordinated efforts to garner support for the product and campaign prior to the actual launch on a crowdfunding platform.  If a crowdfunding campaign has immediate and early success upon launch, then that given campaign attracts more attention and thus more crowdfunding dollars. The crowdfunding team will create informative charts, videos, and execute a large-scale marketing campaign to attract early backers to invest in Guard Dog Digital Mining.

Brian Estrada stated: “In addition to looking absolutely professional and beautiful, our crowdfunding campaign will be a success because the vision of Guard Dog Digital Mining is simple to understand and will also greatly reward early backers. Cloud mining which is currently a $4 billion-dollar industry is becoming one of the most popular ways to invest in cryptocurrency. GRDO’s crowdfunding campaign strategy is to offer 12-24 month mining contracts for early backers. These contracts will commence once our digital mining operations can sustain the amount of hashrate necessary. As an example, an early backer of our crowdfunding campaign could be rewarded as much as 10Th/s hashrate for 16months for a $1,500 backing. This is easily half of what most cloud mining companies currently charge (if you can even find a reputable one that is still taking on new business). That $1500 backing could easily turn into $10,000+ crypto value over the course of 16 months of cloud mining if Bitcoin prices appreciate.”

GRDO realizes that it has one chance to achieve immediate and early success and thus it is working to assemble the best possible campaign, presentation and professionals with whom to work on our crowdfunding project, Guard Dog Digital Mining. The Company anticipates the crowdfunding campaign to kickoff in Q1 and investors can expect consistent updates on progress leading up to the launch.

While the overall cryptocurrency market took a hit early this week, the company understands and agrees with many cryptocurrency industry professionals that fluctuations in cryptocurrencies are not only anticipated, rather they are expected to occur from time to time as market, regulatory and other conditions can play into the mindset of holders and investors of cryptocurrencies.  However, the company believes in the long-term prospects and viability of the cryptocurrency industry and believes GRDO is at the forefront of an industry that is merely in its infancy and due to encounter a few speed bumps on the road to adulthood.

Estrada concluded: “Crypto is here to stay and we have chosen to go ‘all-in’ within this industry. The Company is moving forward with the crowdfunding project as quickly as possible while keeping an eye on quality. The GRDO board strongly believes that crowdfunding combined with a to-be-announced ICO and strategic funding partnerships are the Company’s clear way forward to provide the money necessary to execute our business plan. This is the kind of non-toxic direction that will truly build long-term value for the GRDO shareholders. I personally appreciate those investors that are giving me a fair chance to turn this Company around and make it something truly special. Thank you for the kind comments and thank you for the constructive ones, too. I am listening, and I am working.”

The Company encourages interested investors to read the Guard Dog Digital Mining business plan available here: 

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